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Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
Premieres Monday, June 21 10/9pm

As in the first season of the popular reality show, the adult children of a single father will choose among several women to decide which one would be the ideal wife for their Dad. This time, dad's an outdoorsman whose three grown daughters will be deciding his romantic fate! The returning series will include the outrageous "secret tasks" and popular "lie-detector" tests that helped make the show such a hit with viewers last summer.

I have to say, I liked the "Meet My Folks" show, so I look forward to seeing Marry my dad.  I would love to torture perspectives....

Latest bachelor likes reality dating
LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) — The latest bachelor on the NBC reality show Who Wants to Marry My Dad? is a divorced delivery man for Frito-Lay who says he "can't think of a better way to meet someone."

Marty Okland is this season's bachelor whose daughters pick his new love from 13 women over a three-week period. Okland said he heard a casting call on the radio.

"I was ready for a new lease on life," he said Monday. "My girls are 29, 27 and 24. I was married for 27 years to a wonderful lady, and now I'm ready to find someone special. I wanted to give this a try."

Okland, 47, said he and his ex-wife are still friends and that she's in favor of the TV show. Of course, he had to run the idea by his daughters.

Daughter Nicole, who lives in Hawaii, told her father he would always wonder if he didn't try "and so I did it," Okland said.

He called daughter Brooke, the only daughter who lives in state, and asked her to drive to Denver with him for final auditions.

"She was surprised when I told her what I was doing, but very supportive," he said.

While the filming was exhausting, Okland said he also found it exhilarating.

"It was nice to see things from a different perspective," Okland said. "I can't think of a better way to meet someone. You're not being set up by friends or family or meeting at a bar."

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did not see the first show.  Did the dad from the first one stick with the lady?  Are the daughters nice to the ladies or can you tell right away the ones they do not like?

No Texan..I taped the show and will try to watch it later..found a recap though ;)I'll let you know how it was after I watch it..

Season Premiere 6/21/04

This season, Marty Okland was introduced as the eligible dad who hoped that his three daughters would be able to select his perfect mate. The three sisters, Jennifer, Nicole and Brooke, were excited to meet the women vying for their dad's affections. One by one, the ladies arrived – and the three sisters were pleasantly surprised by the women's appearances and poise. To kick things off, the sisters read a letter from their dad that had almost everyone in tears! It talked about how much Marty was looking forward to the experience and how much faith he had in his daughters…and in finding love.

The girls had already devised a plan for their dad to go undercover and meet the ladies without any pressure. They told the ladies that they were going ring shopping, so that if/when one of them was chosen to marry their dad, he would be prepared! Little did they know that the ring salesman was really Marty! His brief interaction with each of the ladies gave him a chance to scope them out and ask them a few questions. Some of the women sort of ignored him, while others actually flirted. Afterwards, Nicole even commented that if things didn't work out with “the dad” she'd be coming back to the jewelry store!

Back at the house, the women were disappointed that Marty wasn't waiting for them. They were also disappointed to see the dorm-style accommodations, with only one bathroom! The next morning, Jennifer, Brooke and Nicole roused the ladies and told them to get ready to meet their dad. After scrambling for the limited bathroom time, the ladies regrouped downstairs. Instead of dad arriving, however, a messenger arrived with a letter for the three sisters. Based on first impressions, it read, they would have to eliminate two women on the spot! The girls were very emotional and said it would be a difficult decision. They briefly deliberated and decided that Tina and Debbie would leave, without ever meeting their dad. After the tearful goodbye, the 11 remaining women were surprised when Marty snuck in the back door to say hello. They immediately recognized him as the handsome jewelry salesman. Marty began by apologizing for the jewelry scam. He said he wasn't trying to be deceitful, he just thought it would be fun to have 5 minutes with the ladies while their guard was down. He mentioned that he brought each of them something special that they would receive later that evening. Jennifer, Brooke and Nicole had arranged a cocktail mixer that evening so that Marty could have some alone time with each woman.

During the cocktail party, Marty whisked the ladies off one by one to enjoy a slow dance, intimate conversation and to present each of them with their gift: a diamond necklace with their initial. After rejoining the group and toasting the evening, Marty was interrupted by the ringing of the fax machine! Jennifer read the note aloud: “The party's over. Tomorrow morning after breakfast, choose the two women who you think are the least compatible with your dad to clear the table. One of them will be eliminated soon after.”

Needless to say, breakfast was a little tense. Jennifer, Nicole and Brooke stood up and with tears in their eyes asked Layne and Sarah to clear the table. They brought dishes into the kitchen - - and discovered the lie detector guy! Layne was hooked up first and answered questions such as “Did you dye your hair before arriving because you heard Dad doesn't like blondes?” (She answered “yes” to that one.) Layne hesitated a lot before answering and failed some key questions like, “Are you just pretending to like us so we'll pick you?” Next up was Sarah, who seemed much calmer. However, her answers were also a bit troubling. For example, when asked “If you marry our dad will you flirt with our boyfriends?”, Sarah said “yes.” After both tests were complete, the three sisters conferred on their choice. While Marty sat holding both Sarah's and Layne's hands, the girls announced that they had chosen Layne to leave the house. Layne took the news like a champ and said she had learned something about herself through the experience. She said she hadn't even noticed Marty at the jewelry store, which told her that everyday her future husband could be right in front of her – she just has to open her eyes. Jennifer, Brooke and Nicole told the remaining women that each night Marty would be able to select one of them to join him for a nightcap and dessert. That evening, he chose someone who was revealed to be a mole! She was in fact Marty's sister-in-law who had been spying on the others this entire time. Who was she? Tune in next week to find out!


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