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Taking bets on the first leg of TAR17?

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OK, so let's move on. If you were betting on the destination of TAR17's first leg, where would you put your money? For sporting chances, we'll say you can pick a westward-bound location and an eastward-bound location.

If they go around the world west to east, I'll pick Melbourne, Australia. Australia seems due.
If they go east to west, I'll go with Madrid, Spain.

Remember, this is not a "where you wish they'd go first," but a "where you think they'll go first." Peach will come up with a prize for the winner.  :lol:

I'm betting they go East, and that they will go to Rome, Italy.
If they go West, I'll predict Hong Kong.

Melbourne would be a lovely place to visit, but I doubt it would be the first destination.

East: London, UK
West: Seoul, South Korea

West: Auckland, New Zealand
East: Lisbon, Portugal

I have to agree with woden, especially with Australia.


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