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S20 Ep13: Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Again, since puddin hasn't done it . . .

BOOT: Rupert

What's with these ship episodes? This is the best 'ship' eppy name of them all though.  :lol:

We need Shipwrecked as the title after the last hero got removed.

From the previews, looks like the reward challenge is the same one from Cook Islands family visit, where each castaway is throwing buckets of water at their loved ones to fill up another container. This time, they are not blindfolded.

From Sucks:

Jerri wins, takes Sandra and Parvati with her.

Loved ones:

Parvati's dad
Rupert's wife
Russell's wife
Jerri's sister
Colby's brother
Sandra's uncle

TDT has the immunity challenge as the one from Gabon where they have to hold up the poles with their hands.

Sandra plays her idol at TC, but doesn't need to. 4 votes for Rupert, 2 for Sandra. He leaves in tears.


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