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EP12*finale* East Coast updates and commentary please read the rules

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PLEASE ** NO WIKI UPDATES or Satellite Viewer updates** to be posted before the show is done airing at 9:00 pm East Coast time! Anyone breaking the rule may be banned.

peach will have the live steam posted here for those who are not on the East Coast time, you can follow along an PLEASE help update as the show unfolds everyone is more than welcomed and appreciated   ..

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This has been one Spoiled season! Its amazing what the team of people on this board can do.

I ask this question,
Was there an un-aired Yield? I don't remember seeing one this season. Unless i blinked and missed it.

Best wishes -

They haven't used the Yield since the end of the 11th season (All Stars).  It was replaced by the U-Turn and that was used twice (successfully) this season.

Happy finale day.

And were off!

Simulcast from the USA!!

But i'm not going to stupid and spoil you guys....

Will be back 1 hour later!!!


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