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Ep#10: Which 2 teams have a bad cab encounter in China?


Since my school for the first week is so smooth, i am back for more spoilers.

Also since we have Claire to spoil the 2 exciting episodes for us, so the next 2 polls will be a little diff, instead of by asking who will be eliminated or non-philiminated, we will have a new poll.

Just vote for the 1 which you think will have a bad cab encounter in China (NOTE: there are 2 teams, as provided by CBS Press), and describe why you choose this 2 teams, and yes, that's all, very easy rite.

Belle Book:
I'm guessing that Dan & Jordan and Louie & Michael have the bad cab encounters in China because of how the spoiler says they finish in the first leg in Shanghai.

Belle Book

Dan & Jordan and Jet & Cord. This allows Brent & Caite to win their first leg, but they will struggle in the next leg due to language barrier...  :lol:

I'm predicting Louie/Mike and Dan/Jordan.

Louie/Mike have been getting BAD luck with cabs lately, and for some reason I can picture their Jaime and Cara reaction when they get lost.  :snicker:

Dan/Jordan: Well, I just think they're not exactly the luckiest with taxis (except for that awesomely cool dude in Penang they let go!) Plus, they seem rather bumbling when they're in total nowheres-ville.

Glamazon Racer:
I'm tossing it up between all the M/M teams. Louie & Michael is one, and either Jet & Cord or Dan & Jordan the other. Not sure which one, although Dan & Jordan seems to be the popular opinion.


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