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Season 16 = Dumbest Cast Ever...?

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Honestly, I preferred the "marked for elimination" used during S10 and S11. The speed bump has just been criticized for being too easy  B:) while sometimes it actually DOES leave a team in last. The "marked for elimination" was much more interesting and posed as much greater of a challenge IMO


--- Quote from: Dånooky ✟ on April 13, 2010, 12:37:30 AM ---I still don't get why people are so bent on the Speedbump having to be a task with a hellish difficulty ???
Isn't it enough having to deviate from the normal course and waste time (mostly transportation) on a pointless task? Check the Speedbumps:

* Kynt & Vyxsin: Yoga
* TK & Rachel: run through a field with blazing fireworks
* Ken & Tina: Serve water
* Dan & Andrew: Learn a choreography
* Christie & Jodi: elephant make-up
* Mark & Michael: wash hair
* Maria & Tiffany: serve soup to a guard
* Gary & Matt: Sauna
* Brian & Ericka: Absynth Shot
* Jeff & Jordan: Make a wall out of sticks
* Jet & Cord: serve tea to a guru

All these tasks are obviously designed just to waste time. IMO, wanting to add another task that is as difficult as a Detour or Roadblock to a team that is already dead-last is just plain sadistic.

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Well said Dan! I second that!

Okay you can ban me from the forum but I'll disagree with everyone of you.

I'll start with the cast. This cast looks pretty strong, the alpha-male team, being the cowboys of course. Jeff & Jordan looked like Rob & Amber, sadly they choose to imitate the Rob & Amber of All-Stars. After winning the first leg, they really slid down. The difference was that the All-Stars cast were overawed and allowed Rob & Amber two more wins, the cast of Season 16 did not follow the script given to them by CBS. Jet & Cord's wins were never down to luck (I'll talk about that later). Louie & Michael's two wins in France DID come down to luck.

Marked for elimination: Yeah, it did not work for several reasons. In S10, David & Mary took the Fast-forward, and came in first, thus erasing their penalty. It kept a weak (it's true) team in the race. And in All-Stars, it allowed Eric & Danielle to  :groan: win.

I agree with Dan about the speed bump... it was a waste of time and thus the cowboys really had to work hard to stay in the race. They worked really hard and got first. Good job.


--- Quote from: redskooky on April 13, 2010, 01:07:41 AM ---Okay you can ban me from the forum...

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Be careful. It could happen. :lol: ;)

I don't know about this season. I like it overall, and I really do think this is one of the better casts of recent seasons. I just don't think it turned out ideally. The main problem for me is Louie & Michael's agenda of using the U-turn to knock out all the teams they want to see out for personal reasons (or for other teams' personal reasons). It makes me want to puke. I'm just glad that Jet & Cord and Dan & Jordan are keeping out of the shenanigans so that I can root for them.

I do think that this season will go down in the books as one of the most interesting (and controversial) that we've had in a while, and (depending on who wins) could even become one of the "classic" seasons that have the "special feel" that Phil mentions. I'm actually pretty grateful it has been different, though, and for the sake of entertainment it has truly done well. Unfortunately it's been somewhat more "cheap" than the entertainment of older seasons, but I suppose the producers can't really control the actions of the teams.

Hopefully the winning team is a good one. Then perhaps all will be worth it. I'm still thinking that Dana & Adrian were originally cast to be a new Uchenna & Joyce and win the race against the odds. Obviously that didn't happen. But maybe it's better that we get a new storyline instead. We'll see. This season overall is hard to describe, but it's better than 15 through 13 for me at least.

I'm taking offense with using the word "dumb." Keep in mind, that these are real people, and they are definitely not stupid in real life. While it's fun to bash what they do on the TV, chances are they're much friendlier than you'd expect in real life without the selective editing.

What we should be criticizing is their racing ability. The teams chosen on average aren't as incompetent as say TAR 13 and TAR 15's...but they are very erratic and are making way too many silly mistakes for some odd reason this season. I blame it on the increased focus of navigation, which had been thrown aside and neglected by the race for far too long.

The speedbump isn't really supposed to be challenging, but it does waste valuable time and can restore part of a time deficit that was lost due to equalizers. Like many others, I prefer the speedbump only because it puts the team's fate in their own hands. Part of why time-based penalties don't really work is that there's not much that can be filmed during the waiting time. Since the race has transitioned from sights and tasks to teams now, the producers want as much race footage as they can get. Taking this account with a financial standpoint, the easiest way to create drama would be to slap a mandatory U-turn...but that would be incredibly discouraging to the last-place teams, considering the ratio of eliminations to the number of times it's been used...

--- Quote from: DeafRacer on April 12, 2010, 08:00:11 PM ---It makes me sick to my stomach that Caite is the last girl standing. Yes, it does.  :'(

It disappoints me that Jordan (Of Jeff and Jordan) doesn't pour with her heart into the Race. That's what you get with stunt-casting!  (:;)

Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy deserved not to be U-Turned. They showed their strong racing skills and they deserved their spots in the Final Three.   :'( The "deserving" part can be debated. I admit that despite some flaws, they were above average teams.

Jet & Cord's Speed Bump task is such a crapload. See other people's opinions.

I wish the cow didn't kick Grandma's head then Jody & Shannon could have prevented Michael & Louie from going further in the Race. Oh definitely, even though that team had no chance to win and really should have gone out in the first leg. :'(

Non-Bunching in European legs sucked. We need more Hours of Operation!

And, I think it's the first time that we have the entire Final Four teams with poor racing performances? Jet and Cord are an above average team who suffered only two major setbacks so far. The others are mediocre, but none have made a guaranteed elimination error unlike some of the stronger teams. Unfortunately, eliminations recently have not been indicative of the team's strength...just their incredible bad luck in one episode.

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