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Season 16 = Dumbest Cast Ever...?

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I just had to start a thread after what happened on the show last night!!!

I adore the Season 16 cast but after so many careless mistakes and two very personal decisions about U-Turn...


It makes me sick to my stomach that Caite is the last girl standing.

It disappoints me that Jordan (Of Jeff and Jordan) doesn't pour with her heart into the Race.

Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy deserved not to be U-Turned. They showed their strong racing skills and they deserved their spots in the Final Three.   :'(

Jet & Cord's Speed Bump task is such a crapload.

I wish the cow didn't kick Grandma's head then Jody & Shannon could have prevented Michael & Louie from going further in the Race.

Non-Bunching in European legs sucked.

And, I think it's the first time that we have the entire Final Four teams with poor racing performances?

I'm sorry but this season is just a big letdown soon as Steve & Allie and Carol & Brandy got eliminated.  :'(

I hope next season will cast the clones of Colin & Christie, Nick & Starr, Tammy & Victor, Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, Meghan & Cheyne, Eric & Jeremy, Drew & Derek, Nate & Jen, BJ & Tyler and Dustin & Kadice. Now, that will be one of hell bloody race with all strongest teams battle it out!  :lol3:

I agree. I think Jet & Cord and Dan & Jordan are the only teams that still deserve to be in the race. Louie & Mike and Brent & Caite have been showing terrible racing skills from day one.

And then they gave up a golden opportunity to remove the best performing team from the race. Idiots.

Still, it's good entertainment :lol:

For me this cast beats S15's. That was INCREDIBLY dull.

Coutzy, I wholeheartedly agree!

Luke, Carol/Brandy were strong but not necessarily the strongest. Plus, I feel they don't deserve to win after all the b!tching they've done throughout the whole race...the bungee jump, the WWI battlefield, next the U-Turn.

I wish Monique/Shawne and Steve/Allie would be back in instead of Brent/Caite and Mike/Louie. That makes the F4 more competent and overall better and less dragging.

And if you thought Jet/Cord's speed bump was a load of crap check out Gary/Matt's from last year.

Overall, the cast was good, except majority of the good ones were out by the first half of the season. Now only the two mentioned by Coutzy are deserving of the 1 million.

I still don't get why people are so bent on the Speedbump having to be a task with a hellish difficulty ???
Isn't it enough having to deviate from the normal course and waste time (mostly transportation) on a pointless task? Check the Speedbumps:

* Kynt & Vyxsin: Yoga
* TK & Rachel: run through a field with blazing fireworks
* Ken & Tina: Serve water
* Dan & Andrew: Learn a choreography
* Christie & Jodi: elephant make-up
* Mark & Michael: wash hair
* Maria & Tiffany: serve soup to a guard
* Gary & Matt: Sauna
* Brian & Ericka: Absynth Shot
* Jeff & Jordan: Make a wall out of sticks
* Jet & Cord: serve tea to a guru

All these tasks are obviously designed just to waste time. IMO, wanting to add another task that is as difficult as a Detour or Roadblock to a team that is already dead-last is just plain sadistic.


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