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Episode 9: East Coast live show updates and commentary

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 PLEASE ** NO WIKI UPDATES or Satellite Viewer updates** to be posted before the show is done airing at 9:00 pm East Coast time! Anyone breaking the rule may be banned.

peach will have the live steam posted here for those who are not on the East Coast time, you can follow along an PLEASE help update as the show unfolds :) everyone is more than welcomed and appreciated :)  ..


So there is no delay today?

There's going to probably be about a 15 minute delay, because CBS is obligated to air the presentation of the winner's jacket of The Masters.

It is 7:03:30 pm EDT and the presentation of the Green Jacket to the Masters winner Mickelson will be precede by some meaningless conversation. I am betting that will multiple commercial breaks they will not get this completed until 720pm, so 60 Minutes should start then.

Note- after the fact, I saw CBS get the Butler Cabin baloney over in record time (I guess that's what happens when there is no Tiger Woods win). They started 60 Minutes (as reported below by the schnauzers, at 711pm. Terrific!

Eye-lert just in from CBS:

--- Quote ---Revised start times for tonight's CBS programs: 60 Minutes (7:11pm ET), Amazing Race (8:11pm ET), Undercover Boss (9:11pm ET) and Cold Case (10:11pm ET) due to CBS Sports live coverage of the NCAA Basketball Championship.
--- End quote ---


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