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Coach becomes the first member of the jury when he is voted out and sent to Ponderosa where he feasts.

Coach explores Ponderosa and connects with the elements.

Coach feasts on raw fish and gets a ballistic workout in.

Coach hangs the Ponderosa flag and gets ready to go to his first Tribal Council as a jury member.

:waves: thank you soo much chill_sd!!  I totally enjoyed  seeing that! :hugs:

 :lol3: it was hysterical to see coach touch up his chin beard with black marker!! :lol3:

 I'm excited to see more next week!

 keep them coming!! :yess:

The second juror arrives - Courtney

I can't find these on YouTube yet, but will replace them if they become available.

The latest castaway to be voted off the island, Courtney, is sent to Ponderosa and is greeted by Coach.

Coach goes kayaking as Courtney watches and bond over drinks.

Courtney and Coach enjoy their 'honeymoon' kayaking, sun bathing and later primp for tribal council.

Thank you SO much for doing these chill! :bow:

I went looking for them today..and here they were!! :yess:

If you see any particularly wonderful secret scenes you like, feel free to stick them in the episode thread!

thanks cill! :tup:


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