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TAR16 - EP 12: "Huger than Huge" FINALE!! (summary in posts 1thru 3)

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I kept trying to figure out how the other teams could make up time if there ends up being no bunching point in San Francisco.

After reading Phil's comments in TVGuide, I decided to look back at the potential tasks.

There are two that stand out to me:

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO: Find and climb Coit Tower
EVIDENCE: Team spotted, confirmation of crew dismantling equipment

ROUTE INFO: Carry large locked trunk to…?
EVIDENCE: Probable decoy team (Mike & Louis) spotted with large trunk at California and Larkin streets (around noon)

--- End quote ---

If all team members have to climb the tower and heights become an issue for Jordan, then the other teams can definitely make up some time here.

If they have to carry a trunk and it is significantly heavy, Jet & Cord definitely have the strength advantage over the other two teams and can make up time here.

I just hope Phil is not speaking in hyperbole.

Found the title:

Huger than Huge.

Speculating for the title now... I think it's Jordan that says that about the tower they have to climb.

As for the title, I think it is Jordan as well, but it is probably about being in the final 3.



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