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Original "Survivor" Richard Hatch, the cunning strategist who took home the million-dollar prize on the show's debut season, apparently pulled out all the stops to gain an advantage on this year's "Survivor: All-Stars."

"Richard smuggled matches on to the island in a vial [inside his person]," fellow all-star Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien told us. "He totally cheated!"

Hatch, best known for his nudist proclivities, was one of the first to be voted off the all-star showdown set in Panama's Pearl Islands.

Other contestants were ready to snipe about Hatch's anatomy at last week's wrap party at Suede sponsored by US Weekly.

"The backside was much worse than the front," grimaced Lex Van Den Burghe, who came in third place on "Survivor: Africa." "One gander at that thing was more than I could handle. He didn't even have to bend over."

"It's pretty small," added Shii Ann Huang of "Survivor: Thailand."

Hatch wasn't immediately available to defend his honor.

So it looks like Jeff Varners Spoiler was True !! LMAO  ;D ;D............puddin

thats a great find puddin!!!

Now why would they edit that out? It would have been great fun!  ;D

hahahahahaha.. No kidding CindiLou.... I wonder how they found out ?

I just had a gross thought.  If Hatch had the match in a vial stuffed in his body--I guess one of the many cameras must have watched him give birth ---- ewwwwww!!


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