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Amazing Race: 9th place teams.

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Isn't Redemption... almost similar to Unfinished Business? :res: :stare

And isn't this a ninth placer discussion thread? Shouldn't TAR 24 discussion (that's meant to be spoilers) not go here?

TAR26: Terrible flight. :(

Joey & Meghan - had no taxi close to them
Michael & Scott - injury
Harley & Jonathan - bad flight

TAR1- Pendulum
TAR2- Horrible flight
TAR3- "I think it means we have to walk to the Pit Stop." :lol:
TAR4- ???
TAR5- Flight
TAR6- Haybales  :(
TAR7- Directions
TAR8- ???
TAR9- Directions
TAR10- Detour
TAR11- Directions
TAR12- Detour
TAR13- Taxi
TAR14- Flight
TAR15- Passport  :(
TAR16- Lasso RB
TAR17- Detour
TAR18- Dinosaur Skeleton RB
TAR19- Taxi
TAR20- Detour + RB
TAR21- Tuk-tuk
TAR22- #EPFail :lol:
TAR23- Flight
TAR24- Taxi
TAR25- Directions
TAR26- Flight

Teams taken out by a flight: 5
Teams taken out by directions: 4 (5 if you include Pat & Brenda's pendulum incident)
Teams taken out by a taxi (including walk to Pit Stop penalties caused by taking a taxi): 4 (5 if you include the tuk-tuk)
Teams taken out by a Detour: 4 (5 if you include John & Jessica's fail to use the EP)
Teams taken out by a Roadblock: 4 (5 if you include John & Jessica's fail to use the EP)


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