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Amazing Race: 9th place teams.

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Isn't Redemption... almost similar to Unfinished Business? :res: :stare

And isn't this a ninth placer discussion thread? Shouldn't TAR 24 discussion (that's meant to be spoilers) not go here?

TAR26: Terrible flight. :(

Joey & Meghan - had no taxi close to them
Michael & Scott - injury
Harley & Jonathan - bad flight

TAR1- Pendulum
TAR2- Horrible flight
TAR3- "I think it means we have to walk to the Pit Stop." :lol:
TAR4- ???
TAR5- Flight
TAR6- Haybales  :(
TAR7- Directions
TAR8- ???
TAR9- Directions
TAR10- Detour
TAR11- Directions
TAR12- Detour
TAR13- Taxi
TAR14- Flight
TAR15- Passport  :(
TAR16- Lasso RB
TAR17- Detour
TAR18- Dinosaur Skeleton RB
TAR19- Taxi
TAR20- Detour + RB
TAR21- Tuk-tuk
TAR22- #EPFail :lol:
TAR23- Flight
TAR24- Taxi
TAR25- Directions
TAR26- Flight

Teams taken out by a flight: 5
Teams taken out by directions: 4 (5 if you include Pat & Brenda's pendulum incident)
Teams taken out by a taxi (including walk to Pit Stop penalties caused by taking a taxi): 4 (5 if you include the tuk-tuk)
Teams taken out by a Detour: 4 (5 if you include John & Jessica's fail to use the EP)
Teams taken out by a Roadblock: 4 (5 if you include John & Jessica's fail to use the EP)

I was watching an episode of TAR, and surprisingly, I didn't know what season that was. ???
Anyway, I was watching a leg held at a mountainous archipelago. There were 9 teams, and the last team (F/F) departed few hours after the 8th placer. There was no equalizer that leg, which means the last-to-depart team was quite far behind.
There was a task involving racers being blasted off to different parts of an island, and they have to look for their partners in the labyrinthine caves of the island. Once they have found their partners, they can look for the pit stop on the very top of the island.
Apparently, the last team to depart arrived 8th at the pit stop right before sunset, and the last placed team was not able to check in because both racers only found each other a few hours after the last team checked in, when it was already very dark in the caves and outside. The host (not sure if it was Phil) found them in the cave and eliminated them in there.
I then realized that all of it was a dream, but I can conclude that my favorite coincidence and curse in TAR still remains true and coincidental in my dreams.  :funny: :funny: :funny:


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