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BB Season 10 - Steven Daigle now doing Porn


Well It's better then selling drugs.....

Well this is a bit of older news, but I don't see a posting anywhere for it so....

--- Quote ---TMZ reports: "18 months after he was evicted from the "BB" house, Steven Daigle was so comfortable in front of the cameras, he decided to sign on to a man-on-man-on-man sex tape with a company called We're told Daigle was approached with the idea by porn director Chi Chi LaRue -- who originally met Daigle at a 'Big Brother' wrap party. Daigle tells us, 'I didn't expect my life to take this path, but when I was presented with the opportunity, I dove in head first... literally.'"
--- End quote ---

All I can say is, give me another hour and I will give a review.......

Well he dove in (well I should say others dove in, oops my bad).   :ascared   I mean I guess it could be a lot worse.  He at least isn't doing the cheap web porn that a few others who are in reality shows (have done).

But I am very surprised, now perhaps Dan is next. :lol3:

 :ascared Not Steven!  :groan:

ZBC Company:
i guese he need it the money

Steven is doing quite successfully in the porn industry, in fact, his movies are selling out quick. He has filmed four movies so far and is about to film his fifth.....he's already so popular in the industry and is in demand!

I have his first two movies and he's funny and hot!

And with him turning to Porn is not hurting him at all, in fact he has support from many BB alumni!

First movie was Steven XXXposed

Second movie was Steven: Stalked

Third and fourth movie titles haven't been released yet.


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