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Archer on FX


 :lol:  FX channel has a new animated series called Archer.  A super spy in adult situations.  Funny as hell.  Love it, been watching it since the premier.  Thursdays, 10PM on FX.  Season finale is next Thursday, March 18th, 2010.  Cartoons for adults, not the kiddies.  Great writing and plot lines.  Makes Adult Swim on Cartoon Network look like Peewee's Funhouse. 

Official Archer web site

I caught this last Sunday on Fox8's "Animation Salvation" along with a new cartoon about a dentist. Can't remember much about the dentist one because it was terrible, and included the ironic line which went something along the lines of "Why could people watch this?"

But Archer was definitely worth watching. Send the kids to bed first though.

Is it like the male version of Stripperella?


  :wohoo:  UPDATE: Season 5 of Archer is will now be called "Archer Vice".  The agency is shut down, and the agents go rogue and turn into drug dealers.  Laughter and hijinks ensue.   :ascared


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