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Well Looks Like Jessie Is Finally Going to Wrestle


As we all know Jessie Godderz of Big Brother fame, kept talking about how he wanted to wrestle in the WWE.  Well while he hasn't got there yet....he was spotted ringside at this past Monday's TNA Impact, and he will apparently being wrestling for a small independent promotion "WFX" on March 26th.

Yep, I just read that too!!  It's actually his third pro match.  He's already had a match in TNA against Alex Shelley last December (I saw pictures are alll over his site) and I believe he also had a match for WWE in Tampa, Florida late last year too.

As for TNA, I heard that he will be officially debuting there by late summer.

Before he goes to TNA though, I read all over the web that he was also just signed by WFX Wrestling in Canada, along with Survivor's Jonny Fairplay.  Just google the words "Jessie Godderz WFX" and you'll get dozens of hits.

He's not doing too shabby!!

Here are the two links with additional info:


I've got to hand it to him.  He's really making a career for himself.  He's become a legitimate star outside of the reality show world.  I think he's doing FAR, FAR better than anyone ever gave him credit for.  I genuinely think he's on his way to becoming a major success.

This was what I just saw posted on one of the BB sites...I'm going to cut and paste them below.

It looks to me like Jessie has become a main-eventer and is really doing much better for himself than any of the other BB graduates out there so far in the entertainment world.  Good for him!!:

Check out these flyers that prominently feature Mr. PEC-tacular :

--- Quote ---WFX Wrestling returns to Winnipeg with "CODE RED" Presented by Power 97 Friday Night, May 7th at One World Studios, 1111 Chevrier Boulevard.

The best of the absolute best will be there:
"Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz with Manager Jonny Fairplay
Kevin Chevy & AJ Sanchez
Hardcore Holly
Charlie Haas
Gangrel & Thorn (aka The Brotherhood)
"Prime Cut" Jon Cutler
The PIPING HOT Promotional Team

and the return of "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko...

Additional details at
--- End quote ---

WOW!! Talk about being on a roll...


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Good for Jesse!

Welcome to RFF Flapjack.


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