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Apprentice Spoilers begin leaking

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These spoilers sound great...really entertaining.  I also hope there isn't another Omoraso.  I dont like that they cast all people that seem not to be in need of the $250,000 salary.  They really need to look at the average working class person.  I think the audience would take to that more.

Am I allowed to put in here what I heard today?  It was actually in CNN and a whole bunch of other places--I don't want to put it somewhere I shouldn't. It's about too much betting that was done on two of the contestants and then they suspended betting.  The same thing happened with Sandra Diaz-Twine on the Survivor before the All Stars. Too much suspicious betting.  Of course, the winner is picked live, so no one knows for sure who wins, but it's possible these are the last two. 

By the way, the women are really making all women look bad, thank goodness Jen. C got fired today!

please dglazer ...this is labeled spoilers , we'd love to hear some gossip  (#)

--- Quote ---By the way, the women are really making all women look bad, thank goodness Jen. C got fired today!
--- End quote ---
They stink..did you see the preview for next week? Pam ( is that Donalds sidekicks name? ) joins the girls to help them out..they may actually win one  :)*

Ok, it said that a lot of big bets were put on Kelly and the other Jennifer that is still left, who knows if that's right, but that's what they are saying.  Her name is Carolyn.  I had to look Kelly up since I didn't know if that was a guy or girl (Can you tell I haven't been paying that much attention) --it's a guy.  Got to go to bed now, good night Puddin!!

Thanks Dglaze  ^:)^  , We actually wish they would move the Apprentice to Wends nights ..we actually watched it, not closely though  :)* Donald's Ego is wayway to big, obnoxious , he's very hard to stomach lately  :P *Blech*


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