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Episode 1: East Coast live show updates and commentary

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Okay so since this episode is SO spoiled thanks the the members and media I Will relax the posting rules a bit but we do not know the placings of all the the teams so PLEASE ** NO WIKI UPDATES or Satellite Viewer updates** to be posted before the show is done airing at 9:00 pm East Coast time! Anyone breaking the only rule we ask will be banned << eat that Miss Ali!  :neener:

peach will have the live steam posted here for those who are not on the East Coast time, you can follow along an PLEASE help update as the show unfolds :)) Everyone is more than welcomed and appreciated :))  .. and no mswood tonight to help  soooooo , we will surely miss him :colors,21687.0.html

So no tazering this time?



I love it!

Have fun guys!!

I'm praying NO teams quits this season!!! Hear that, Season 15!?

A Luke sighting  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

ZBC Company:
No football


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