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I sense Survivor HvV winning against TAR15 in the emmy's this time. =D This episode was so full of unexplainable things but they just get to you. If the Emmy's don't allow 2-hour episodes entered, they should use this!

I feel bad for Randy actually, he hasn't done anything that bad, and he is really intellectual for someone who hates everyone, just sucks he's weak.

I'm loving a lot of people right now, this is good entertainment. :colors

Coach is the best guy for entertainment here, Sandra's the best woman. 90% of their screentimes make me laugh.

And this is by far the best Sumo-challenge in the history of Survivor.

Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': episode 4

Well, we’re four episodes in to Heroes v Villains and I am hearing from a lot of you on the streets that you are really digging this season. I’m happy to hear that and you’re going to love next week just as much. There’s good stuff coming down the pipe!

Lets get to the most recent episode…


COACH: (battling tears) “Why doesn’t anybody ever say anything nice about me?”

There it is. The Answer. The great mystery has been solved. Nine simple words and you have the secret to understanding Coach.

He just wants to be liked.

Is that so much to ask?

SCREEEECH! Oh, for crying out loud, I can already hear the Coach haters telling me to get over my “Coach Crush.” Let me just deal with you guys right quick by delving into my 7th grade bag of insults. How ’bout this one… “Bite me.” Has a nice ring to it. I may use it again later.

Let me also tell you up front that I’m slightly annoyed as I write this. It’s late, it’s been a long day and as I was driving home at 10 p.m., it started raining. Not a big deal except that I had hosted a big charity event at my little tree house of a home on Sunday and so I pulled out the cushions to my patio furniture and I forgot to bring them back inside, knowing it was scheduled to rain. So I came home to the dreaded… wet cushions. Ah, we’ve all been there, right? The dreaded wet cushions. Right up there with that load of laundry you left in the washing machine and now it smells of mildew. Crisis. I wasn’t in the mood. Now the cushions are in my living room creating a small pool of water as I write this. Just not in the mood. Annoyed. It happens. Hard to believe, I know, but I’m not always Mr. Positive. Shocking.

So… if you pick up on any pettiness, it probably stems from wet cushions. Guess I’ll have to get out my Pottery Barn catalog and order new ones. I’m kidding. I’m not gonna call Pottery Barn, I’ll have my assistant call Pottery Barn. I don’t deal with that kind of domestic crap. Relax. I’m kidding again. I don’t have an assistant. I have an intern, they’re free.


Okay, back to Coach. We all want to be liked. I want to be liked, politicians want to be liked, musicians want to be liked, tree trimmers want to be liked, grocery store clerks want to be liked, even Hollywood talent agents want to be liked. Check that, they REALLY want to be liked. I’m guessing most of you reading this blog also want to be liked. It’s a universal desire to be liked. Well, Coach is no different. Coach believes he is living a very noble life and playing a very honorable game of Survivor and he wants to be acknowledged for doing so… he wants to be liked…but it just isn’t going to happen. It’s Survivor. Nobody gets any respect.

Case in point – Tyson.

Tyson’s actions regarding Coach are a perfect example of why Survivor is so damn tough to play. On one hand Tyson was a source of comfort to Coach. He listened as Coach shared his feelings and he even offered counsel to Coach with some candid advice that Coach would be wise to take to heart.

But then Tyson turned around and shared every single thing Coach said with the rest of the tribe, including the fact that Coach had shed tears and considered quitting. Man, that ain’t right. That’s some bullsh*t up in here.

But that’s how the game of Survivor is played. Information is king. If you give information to someone else, you give them power. Coach gave Tyson power when he shared his feelings with him. It’s harsh but it’s true.


I loved the exchange between Coach and Boston Rob because it brought out Rob’s very limited patience for topics such as feelings and whining. More than any other guy I know Rob is the quintessential “guys guy.” He’s just not one to have long talks about feelings. You’re either with him or you’re against him. It’s so clear that Coach desperately wants to be with him and that is probably at the heart of why he’s feeling left out. He just wants Rob to like him! But with Rob, it’s not so much if he likes you as much as it is if he doesn’t despise you. Coach, he doesn’t despise you, so take his advice – stand up straight and get back in the game. It’s too soon for you to go home.


Oh, while we’re here… how about another response for those of you who are still screaming at me to get off the Coach topic? Let’s see… hmmm… how about this 8th grade classic… “Up yours.” Ya like that one? I do too. It’s straight to the point.

I’m kidding. It’s just a joke. Where’s your sense of humor. Fun. You remember fun, right? That thing you used to have before you became a pain in the a–? Yeah, that thing. Listen, if I can laugh at myself with wet cushions, you should be able to take a little Coach humor.


I was a bit surprised at the different way the two tribes approached the idol clue. I never would have guessed that it would be the Villains who chose to not look for the idol, while the Heroes were tripping over each other in a mad dash to uncover it. Further proof that at this point, the Villains are more in control of their game. They just have it more together than the Heroes.

Yes, of course it makes sense to want the idol in your possession, but the fact the villains were fine keeping the idol out of their game tells me they are more concerned with keeping their tribe strong then they are dividing it by looking for the idol.

Russell of course has a different idea and thank heavens, because let’s be clear – we put the idol in the show because we want it to be found… and we would like it to be played.

Preferably many times.

So the Villains’ decision to sit on the clue and do nothing about it is not the most exciting news to hear back at base camp. That’s just one of the reasons Russell was invited back – he plays the game. He’s not an observer, he’s a participant. And he still should have won last season.


Yes, that was the same Immunity Challenge from last seasons Survivor: Samoa in which the dreadlocked Russell went down… and almost did not get up.

As emotional as it was to run the challenge again, we never debated. We felt that it belonged in this season because of the distinction of being the only challenge in the history of Survivor to not be completed and it offered a chance to create new history when it was finally was completed.

Once again Boston Rob showed his ability to lead as he singlehandedly won that challenge for the Villains. Rob is a guy who wants the ball in his hands when there are only seconds left on the clock. He’s not afraid to step up and take the big shot. That’s the same way he plays Survivor – to win. I respect anybody who plays this game full tilt boogie every day.

Here’s something that will aggravate Russell and probably every other Survivor. Every other Survivor except Ashley from last season – Ashley gets it and she’ll understand that what I’m about to say is not a slight to anyone else, it’s just a really wise bet.

Here’s the bet: If I had to put money on only one Survivor it would be Boston Rob. Overall, he has the qualities that I would most want to have if I played the game and I think that if I bet on him every day that over the course of the run I’d come out ahead.


While I’m sorry to see Cirie gone from the game, I’m happy that she got voted out because this philosophy of getting rid of the strong players simply because they’re not in your alliance was about to make me throw my laptop through my television screen. Imagine that, a living room filled with wet cushions and a busted TV. That would really suck.

Cirie was the right vote. Voting out Colby or Tom over Cirie would have been yet another idiotic vote by the Hero tribe – one that I fully expected them to make. I was shocked to see JT switch his vote, but I do think he made the best overall move.

That doesn’t mean JT won’t be the next one voted out, but if you want to win… you have to have a strong tribe and at times you have to make big moves. JT did both tonight – he kept his tribe strong by making a big move. Cirie is only strong in one area – strategy. She’s a master strategist in fact, but she was not going to help them at camp or in challenges.


So maybe the Heroes can turn things around now. They’re clearly the stronger tribe physically if they can just get their attitudes to catch up to their muscles.

Next week’s episode offers another interesting tribal council and … another Survivor goes down!

See ya then. By the way, the cushions are now dry.

Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': episode 5

Let’s call this one THE DUMBEST DECISION YET.

But before we get to Survivor… for all of those concerned, my cushions… are dry.  Hallelujah.  Such a big relief. You really don’t know how good you have it until you undergo a major crisis such as wet outdoor patio cushions.  I didn’t even share that when I called Pottery Barn – I mean when my assistant, actually my free intern, called Pottery Barn – they said those cushions were not being made anymore.  Say what?!!

I truly thought for a moment, “What am I gonna do?”  But then like a gift from the Universe, the sun came out.  That beautiful ball of heat, the most important part of our incredible solar system revealed itself to Southern California and those cushions… that were once so wet…miraculously dried.  I still marvel at the power of nature.

Okay onto Survivor…and THE DUMBEST DECISION YET.


Admit it.  Go on, admit it!  You smiled when he found it.  You turned to whomever you were watching with and said, “I don’t believe it.  He found another idol!”  I know I did.  How can you not?  It’s not Survivor if Russell isn’t looking, finding, or playing an idol. Now that he has it, this season is officially on, and things are about to change dramatically.  How can they not, ‘ole Russell is now back in charge.


Ah, so much to talk about at what started out as a simple little Reward Challenge.

First, the chocolate tease.  Occasionally when we really want to whet their appetite, we’ll tease the tribes with a small taste of the reward.  So, I handed each tribe a plate with some very tiny pieces of chocolate. Enough for one bite for each tribe member.  They were very small, but when you haven’t had much of anything to eat in a long time, even a tiny sliver of chocolate looks pretty good to most people.

But not Colby, or any of the Heroes for that matter.  They wanted nothing to do with that damn chocolate.  I get what the Hero tribe was doing.  They were trying to psyche themselves up by staying focused.  Fair enough.  They were also trying to intimidate the villains a bit, which clearly was wasted energy.  The villains are on a roll, they’re dominating the game and they’re not intimidated by anything at this point.

But the part that I’m sure a lot of you are talking about was my interaction with Colby when he instructed me, in no uncertain terms, to get the challenge started.

To which I replied:

Probst: “I got the message brother, and we’ll go when I’m ready.”

Don’t go reading too much into it.  I was merely holding my ground as host, nothing more.  I would have had the same response to anybody who attempted to tell me what to do.  Because like it or not… “We WILL go… when I’M ready.”  That’s what 20 seasons and the title of host gets you.  The ability to go when you’re damn good and ready and not a moment before.


Oh, and one more bit of housekeeping from last week’s blog.  I read many of your comments implying that I was hard on “America’s Favorite Survivor” Rupert because I was trying to save my buddy, Colby.

Let me be really clear about a few things:

1. The first time I had seen Colby in several years was at the start of Heroes v Villains.  I have no more loyalty to Colby than anybody else.

2. If I wanted to, do you really think I could influence a vote by asking a simple and legit question?  You think these players are so easily influenced?

3. If I could indeed influence the game, do you think I would risk losing a job that allows me to buy beautiful outdoor patio cushions by doing so?

Get a clue.  Buy a vowel.  Phone a friend.  Whatever it takes, but pull your head out.

I was hard on Rupert because his logic made no sense.  He was clearly voting with an alliance and trying to convince me he was voting based on keeping the tribe strong.  Every Survivor knows I ask tough questions.  That’s my job.  He could have answered any number of other ways and got me off his back.  He didn’t.  Rupert dug his own hole, all I did was offer him the shovel.


This is a challenge that was created by our grip department.  These are the guys who build the scaffolding that makes it possible for us to shoot out in the water or put cameras high in the air.  These guys are hard working and keep us all safe.

During a day off they created a simple game they named Schmergenbrawl.  It evolved into a major day-long tournament where our crew divided into teams.  They had T-shirts made and some even had their own mascots.  It was full-on.  The game was so popular with our crew that our challenge department stole the idea and with a few modifications turned it into a Survivor challenge that we premiered in Survivor: Samoa.

You may remember it as the challenge that resulted in me tossing somebody (Ben) out of the challenge for unsportsmanlike behavior and also resulted in the evacuation of Mike Borassi due to dehydration.  We should have known that it was too rough, even for Survivor.

But instead, we brought it back again this season. Once again it was physical and once again it resulted in a major injury as James was removed from the challenge after wrecking his knee.

This challenge will NEVER be played again.  It was officially retired after last night’s challenge and those of you who love justice being served will be happy to know that the grip that created the challenge was fired.

He wasn’t really fired.  He was sacrificed.  It turns out the Samoans have an ancient ritual that saved our season from becoming a disaster.  We gave him over to the Samoan gods to do with him as they must and in exchange they were able to bless us and insure us a very good finish to our 20th season.  A small price to pay if you ask me.

One grip in exchange for a really good season of Survivor.  We’ll make that deal every year.  Plus, one of the younger guys in the grip department got to move up and take his spot.  That’s what you call a “win-win.”

I think my favorite part of the challenge was when Rupert threw Jerri up against the side of the course:  “Like I meant to do that!”  And Jerri responded by draining the winning bucket for the Villains.   You think it was the chocolate that made the difference?


I loved the exchange between Russell and Parvati:

Russell: Just grab onto my coattails.

Parvati: I don’t ride coattails, baby.

Russell: You’ll ride these.

Russell is very good at using the idol.  I’d say he’s as good at using it as anybody.  He really understands how to leverage its power and he completely changed the game by securing Parvati in his alliance and then bringing over Coach.


Do you think Russell made a wise move?  Or is he falling prey to one of the most deadly flirts in Survivor history?  Both Russell and Parvati pulled out their big guns and told the other everything they need to know.  Russell believes Parvati will ride his coattails.  Parvati told him very clearly she does not ride anybody’s coattails.  It may be the showdown of the season thus far, even more so than Russell vs Rob.

Parvati and Russell have both proven they can play this game very well.  It’s a deadly duo if they stay teamed up but there is no way this relationship ends peacefully.


I was blown away by how emotional Amanda was regarding James and his injury.  I guess I just assumed that after playing together three times that maybe she could handle it a bit better.  Amanda’s affection for James is endearing but speaks to how complicated this game can get.  Showing her loyalty and concern for James is a big, bold move and can’t help but separate her from the rest of the group, at least a little bit, no matter what is said or not said.


I love blindfolds.  Yes.  Read into that anything and everything you want.  They just make life… and Survivor challenges… more interesting.  Once again the challenge comes down to a puzzle, once again the heroes blow a huge lead and once again… the villains, led by Boston Rob, come from behind and win another challenge.

Okay, straight up – as the Heroes headed into Tribal Council, how many of you thought James would be going home?  Me too.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  NO-BRAINER.

But then I reminded myself, “oh yeah, this is the Hero tribe.  They’ve made more silly decisions than Tiger Woods.” The consistently lousy decisions made by the Heroes have been one of the biggest surprises of this season.

But the biggest surprise of the entire season (for me anyway) has been James and his newfound social game.

Set aside his lousy and increasingly agitated attitude –the gravedigger has learned to play the social game.  How else could he still be in the game?  He has influenced more than a few votes by talking to other people and manipulating them with his arguments.  You have to give him credit.  I was really impressed that he was able to convince the majority to keep him in the game over Tom.  Yes, I know it had to do with alliances as much as anything but when you consider how many challenges the Heroes have lost – to keep a guy with a bum leg was a really crazy move and you have to give James some of the credit.

Once again, Rupert tried to sell his vote based on keeping his tribe strong.

Rupert: (referring to James’ bad leg).  “He’s still stronger than Tom.”

Rupert, if you really believe that James, with his bad leg, is still stronger than Tom, then you need to stop drinking that pirate grog because you’ve lost your friggin mind.

Ah, but that isn’t what Rupert believes.  Rupert is doing what he needs to do to keep his alliance strong.  Once again, let me, “Mr. Back Seat Driver,” point out why this makes no sense.  Your own personal alliance may be intact, but your tribe is dwindling and if and when there is a merge, you are putting yourself in a very weak position because you will have fewer members than the Villains.

You know how I feel.  James has been a problem from day one.  First it was his attitude and now it’s his physical limitations.

And no, I’m not friends with Tom, nor am I enemies with James. I’m just sharing what I feel and I’m guessing what the audience feels as well.


For the record, my niece most definitely could have beat James in a foot race. I just didn’t want to push the point for fear of him hobbling across tribal council with that bad attitude and messed-up knee, and thoroughly kicking my ass.  Cause that’s something James could definitely do, even with two bad legs.


Due to the NCAA college basketball tournament, SURVIVOR WILL NOT BE ON NEXT WEEK!  I know, we hate it too.


Survivor will be on for a special Wednesday night episode:  WEDNESDAY MARCH 24TH


On April 1st we return to our regular Thursday night time slot.

Spread the word.

Why is Jeff Probst always mentions Tiger Woods in his blogs? ??? Jeff hates Tiger Woods?  :duno:

Maybe. Dunno.

And this pretty much solidifies that the Heroes aren't smart at all.  :lol:  Just kidding, but how unreasonable their votes were (but it saved Amanda so I'm happy =P) and how chaotic they were at challenges, it's just not a group that could get things together well mentally.


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