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--- Quote ---RUSSELL: Could become first time back-to-back loser.  Heís that good and that despised.  For Russell to win it will take a jury that appreciates great game play and letís go of the social, which Russell simply doesnít have.  One thing is for sure, he wonít have JTís vote.  Probably wonít have Rupertís either.
--- End quote ---

Amanda is the first back to back loser, what are you thinking there Jeff???

Jeff Probst blogs the finale of 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains'

As I type this I am on the plane flying back to Los Angeles less than 12 hours after Sandra became first two-time Survivor winner.  So bear in mind Iím a bit fuzzy headed and therefore may say things I later regret or later realize arenít funny or even interesting.

Iím not going to argue whether Sandra should have won or not.  Iíve learned from last season that itís a bit pointless.  The jury is in charge and the jury made their decision.

Having said thatÖ I will go on record and say that I would have voted for Parvati.  No question.

Not taking anything away from Sandra.  Sandra is a very good player and she does one thing very well Ė she avoids the vote.  Two times played, two times won, two times never voted out.  Hard to argue against that record.

Had I been given a vote, I would have voted for Parvati because she played her ass off.  She zigged and zagged her away through the Samoan jungle like nobodyís business.  I was truly impressed.    She handled Russell in a way nobody else could have.  The double idol play was bold.  The subtle social game she played was spot on.  I think she played an overall better game than Sandra.

However, I do believe the jury lumped her in with Russell and if thatís the case, then Parvati misread the vibe of the group and it cost her the money. Then again,  Iím just the host and as a contestant recently reminded me at a tribal council, I donít have a vote, so I donít count.  Truer words never spoken.  I donít have a vote.  I donít count.  So letís move onÖ

Russell was too hyped up last night at the live Reunion show for me to get much of anything out of him.  Iím sorry I didnít do a better job because he had a lot of very interesting things to say about the game and the wear and tear it took on him. All I could do last night was to try to keep him seated in his chair long enough for us to get a shot of him on-camera.  In fact the entire night it felt a bit like a fight might break out at anytime.  In case youíre wondering what I would have doneÖ? I would have just let it happen.  I wouldnít have gone to commercial but instead would have launched right into good ole fashioned Survivor play-by-play.  But it didnít.  Instead these guys did what they were put on the show to do, they did their best to entertain.

I feel for Russell.  I do not believe he is aware of how out of balance his life is right now.  He is still stuck in ďthe gameĒ and it was uncomfortable for me to watch him squirm so much last night and scream so loudly for respect.  He doesnít need to ask for respect.  He has won the Sprint Player of the Game two times.  He has also proven to be extremely good at getting to the end by being a great strategist and intimidator.  There is no question that Russell is an excellent player of Survivor.

But my opinion of Russell changed when he admitted to Boston Rob that he did not play to win.  You canít be the best if youíre not playing to win.  He can hoop and holler all he wants about ďAmerica choosingĒ but thatís not this game.  This game is about convincing a jury of your peers that you are the most deserving person.  He didnít do that.  But my problem is not that he didnít accomplish that goal, itís that it wasnít his goal in the first place.

Boston Rob plays to win.  The fact that he hasnít won doesnít change the fact that he plays to win.  Itís a philosophical approach to the game and if Russell truly doesnít play to win then he has no claim to greatest player.

Hereís the rubÖ I am not convinced Russell truly feels that way.  Stay with me.  I think Russell did play to win.  100%.  I think he just misjudged and didnít fully understand the game well enough to achieve his goal.  So now he is changing history.  I believe that last night he was scrambling to make sense, scrambling to defend, scrambling to justify another loss, so he decided that all he ever wanted to do was get to the end.

Thatís what I mean about ďout of balance.Ē  The man needs a break.  He needs a retreat somewhere far away where he is not allowed to talk about Survivor, not allowed to talk at all.  He needs a rest.  I donít imagine heíll take one.  I imagine heíll let the anger stir inside him and it will haunt him for a long time to come.

Russell, if youíre reading this and I know you are Ė I hope, I truly hope you will give yourself a break and let the game goÖ at least for a while.  Come back and revisit it with a fresh mind and see if you can find ways to improve your game.  Otherwise you are doomed to be frustrated by this game and continue to make silly suggestions like ďlet America vote.Ē

Onto other thoughts:

I was happy to hear that Coach has gained some personal insight into how he is perceived as a result of his time on Survivor.  As most of you know, I like Coach and his stories donít bother me but I love anytime someone changes for the better as a result of their time on our show.  Side note:  Coach really wanted to play trumpet with the band during the Reunion show.  He sent me a clip and heís pretty damn good, but we just didnít have any extra time and couldnít work it out.

I was very surprised at the Sprint Player of the Game vote.  I thought Boston Rob was a shoo-in but evidently he was just gone too long.  I also never thought Rupert would be one of the two top vote getters, not only that but it was really close.  Less than 2,000 votes separated the two.

Candice never looked more beautiful than she did last night.  I think itís the ring on her finger.  That girl is in love and so proud.  This may surprise those of you who read this blog, but the truth is I really like Candice quite a bit and Iím so happy for her happiness.

Man, I donít exactly know what is going on with Colby but he still seemed mad last night.

Iím not sure what was going on with James either but word on the street is that he was on some pain medication for his knee and as a result was a bit out of it.

Boston Rob and Amber Ė who knew theyíd make such a cute baby.  I saw Amber before the show and she looks great.  All smiles.  She seems very happy being a mom and Rob is about as proud of his family as you can be without being corny and Boston Rob is rarely corny.

Ethan Zohn also stopped by last night to say hi before the show. I had recently hosted Larry King and he was on as a guest to talk about his cancer being in remission.  It was so good to see him in person, give him a hug and tell him how happy I am that he is healthy again.  Iíd love to see Ethan back on the beach playing Survivor again one day.  What an inspiration.

Okay the plane is about to land and Iíll be honest, like I always amÖ  I am ready to put this season to bed.

Heroes v Villains will go down as one of the greatest seasons ever and thatís thanks to the 20 people who played.

It is so easy to sit at my desk in my office with my patio doors open and make fun of these guys all season, just like they could make fun of me if they had a blog.  But most of them donít.  So in fairness, after a season full of lippy blogs, I think a bit of redemption is in order.

The 20 people who came out and played Survivor again this year did their very best every damn day they were out there.  Survivor is unlike any other game on television.  No other show kicks your ass the way this one does.  No other show taxes you mentally the way this one does.  And no other show puts you in situations that challenge you to be your best but often result in highlighting your worst qualities under the most unflattering conditions.

I tip my hat to the group of heroes and the villains for not only giving us 13 weeks of amazing television but also for everything they put at stake:  reputations, family time, personal plans and careers to name a few.  They put all this at risk while exposing themselves to the ridicule of lippy bloggers, like myself and Dalton Ross.  They knew that was part of the game coming in but it doesnít make it any easier.  This was not an easy season for any of them.  Every single player endured some kind of pain and/or hardship.  I hope you are all reading this and I hope that at some point in the very near future you raise a glass and toast yourself.  Well done.


Writing this blog and getting your feedback was, for the most part, an enjoyable experience.  I wonít lie, there are days I am not in the mood to write it but then I remember that for those who do read it, you look forward to it and that always compels me to finish.

I am happy to be back for two more seasons of Survivor and we start shooting very soon.  I hope you will come back and stay with us even though we have a lot to live up to following Heroes v. Villains.

To all the people I met in NY this weekend on the streets, in restaurants, at the hotel, at the airport Ė thanks for the loyal support all these years.  Iím sorry we couldnít accommodate more people at the live show.  Maybe CBS should open it up to a bigger venue again as they have in the past.

To those of you still applying who have yet to get on the show Ė I hope you keep applying.  We miss good people all the time, donít give up the dream.

To those of you who think I suck as a host or as a bloggerÖ kiss it.

Nicaragua.. here we come!

Wow, I think Jeff might be done with Russell.  He finally figured out what we all knew

Russell doesn't play this game the best. 

told ya Jeffrey

Belle Book:

--- Quote from: bostonfan on May 18, 2010, 12:54:29 PM ---Wow, I think Jeff might be done with Russell.  He finally figured out what we all knew

Russell doesn't play this game the best. 

told ya Jeffrey

--- End quote ---

I have to agree.  I think RussHell does play to win -- or at least his intention is to win.  But he totally ignores the social element of the game, and that means he's doomed to lose unless he can get control of that ego of his and realize that he needs the social game as well as the strategic one.  I'm not sure he'll ever do so, however, and if I didn't dislike him so much I'd feel sorry for him.

Belle Book

I truly believe if Russell had gone to the first finale before starting the second season his game might have changed.  But we will never know...I did enjoy the season! :hearts:


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