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Amber's CBS Chat
« on: May 15, 2004, 04:40:49 PM »

Survivor Host: Hi Amber! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
Amber: Sure! I'm glad people are out here and excited to talk to me!
huskerfan: So, Amber how does it feel to have the million dollars and the man? (whom by the way is extremely HOT HOT HOT!) 
Amber: <LAUGHS>Thanks, I think he's extremely hot, hot, hot, too. It's extremely overwhelming, it's just sinking in and what else could I ask for? The million and the man--I don't need anything else!

Chetino: Hi Amber. First of all, congrats on your win! What have you and Rob been up to since the finale on Sunday?
Amber: It's been a nonstop press tour, being rushed from one place to the next. I'm not complaining, because I know a lot of people would like to be sitting where I am.

niki73: Amber, I am probably the only person in America who believes that you won on your own merits. How does it feel that people believe you rode Rob's Coattails?
Amber: I think just because my game was not as obvious as Rob's was does not mean that I'm not as deserving as he was. My scheming was much more low key than his. Rob is an outspoken person with a bit of a temper. I made sure my scheming was low key. And thanks for thinking I'm deserving.

Epiphany: Amber in an interview you called all former tribemates idiots... do you really think that was fair?
Amber: In the interview I was talking about the game. I don't think they're idiots in real life, but when playing the game they did not do too great of a job. It was obvious to all of them and the viewing audience that Rob and I had an extremely strong alliance going. Why they didn't break us up I'll never know.

NewOrleansLady: Hi Amber ... How did you know that the votes were going to be soooo close ... and how do you figure Shi-Ann was the swing vote?
Amber: I did think it would be close because Rob is a good competitor. I figured out of everyone, Shii Ann was going into the vote without any hurt feelings, and she seems to be good at separating the game from real life, so I knew she would vote strategically. Everyone else was voting based on emotion.

Epiphany: Amber, how has this experience and winning the money changed you?
Amber: It hasn't changed me as a person. I just discovered that there's more to me than I realized before. I'm much stronger than I thought I was, and much more confident about defeating any challenges life has brought me and that are still coming in life.

EB: Congratulations on the win and the engagement! Who do you think will win the AMERICA'S TRIBAL COUNCIL vote on Thursday?
Amber: I think Rob should win. If you're voting based on who played the game best, Rob was sitting in the end right beside me. The game says "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast," and he did that over everyone else except me. Vote for Rob!

Mark: Amber, after all that Rupert has done in the Pearl Islands and SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS, not mention he did it back to back, don't you agree he deserves the million Thursday more than any of the other players?
Amber: No <LAUGHS>. Just because he did back to back episodes does not mean he played the game the best. He had more than enough time to recover between shows, but he was outwitted, outlasted and outplayed by three other people. Even Jenna lasted longer than him.

hotwater: Congrats Amber. Have you sought advice from the other seven winners yet? What is the best advice you have gotten and from whom?
Amber: I haven't really had a chance to sit down and talk to the other winners, but Richard Hatch is first on my list. I think out of all the winners he's made the million dollar winnings into the most it can be.

Chat_2: Amber, I think you did a good job. I want to know why you broke your alliance with Big Tom? He was so mad!
Amber: The game of Survivor is played by making not only one alliance but as many as possible. If one alliance fails, you have many to go to for backup plans. Rob was my first alliance, Big Tom was just a backup.

Epiphany: Amber WOO HOO!! YOU RAWK! And nice rock. Did anyone confront you about Rob and how they wanted him off?
Amber: Yes, time and time again. But I was thinking strategically. In the end, I know people went with their emotions, and when sitting next to him in the final two, I thought I could beat him.

Ambersbiggestfan: Amber, what made you want to come back for SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS, and was it any easier the second time around?
Amber: Everything made me want to come back--the adventure and the second chance at winning the million. I thought it would be easier the second time around, but boy was I wrong. I could have done SURVIVOR: OUTBACK blindfolded compared to how hard Panama was.

PooDiddy: Amber, why did you feel that Alicia didn't deserve to be on SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS?
Amber: Well, we were forced into answering the question, so you had to pick someone. I knew strategically that when it came down to it she would be the first to go from Chapera. Out of the people I had to choose from, it came down to her.

AmberFan: Amber, you have to admit you and Rob were awfully smug and lazy but you still won. Why was your comfort level so high? And did you ever fear you or Rob would be voted out?
Amber: I think we both did a decent amount of work that was necessary. But when playing a game that involved extreme Challenges you have to be smart enough to save your energy. It just seemed so easy to tell everyone what to do. Even though we should have been afraid of being voted off, we weren't

snuzuluz: Great job last night on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. Brains and beauty! Any plans to do some acting? Get yourself a good agent and the sky's the limit for you. Good luck!
Amber: It's not something I would turn down, but I'm more interested in hosting and commercial work. So bring the opportunities my way! Thanks for the compliment, by the way.

Nate: Hi Amber, where are you and Rob going to live now? Boston? Pittsburgh?
Amber: It's something we haven't discussed in detail, but I know it will be a hard decision. Who knows, maybe it will be neither, but maybe somewhere in between.

RupertForPresident: Amber, since you have had some time to spend with Rob outside of SURVIVOR, is his personality any different or was that the real Rob we all saw on SURVIVOR?
Amber: You saw the real Rob in a competitive nature, but when it comes down to it there's nothing competitive about our relationship. We work as a team, and that's why I love him.

avacado: Was it awkward getting proposed to on national TV? You just didn't seem very happy. Was it really nerves?
Amber: <LAUGHS>I was definitely happy, even though my face might not have shown it. I was extremely nervous going out there, first of all for the vote. It wasn't an awkward moment, it was a shocking moment. But I loved every second of it.

Smartypants: Hi Amber, I'm excited to get to chat with you! After the Reunion Show, did everybody kiss and make-up, did Jerri come back, and did Lex's hair glow in the dark? Give us the scoop.
Amber: <LAUGHS>Thanks for chatting with me. Rob and I were whisked off stage separate from everyone, so if anybody kissed and made up, it wasn't with us. I never saw Jerri for the rest of the night, but she was around the next morning after she had some time to cool off.

I_love_rudy: How did you feel about Jerri's comments at the Reunion Show?
Amber: Her comment was actually a compliment that she never got to finish. The ending of her statement and what she was trying to say was that even though there were a lot of hurt feelings she was thankful that something did come from the show, meaning the love of me and Rob.

martinique: Amber, Shii Ann was a good choice to give the car to. But what about Jerri? Did you consider her? She helped you on both editions of SURVIVOR.
Amber: There were a lot of people out there that helped me win the million. But when it came down to it, Shii Ann's strategy was what won my vote. She went out fighting to the bitter end, and the swing vote was hers that helped me win the million.

RupertRulz: Hello Amber, You said that you "definitely considered playing against Rupert a great honor," can you please elaborate more on that?
Amber: Rupert was someone I never had a chance to meet before the ALL-STARS experience. I think he's a great guy whose values in life are similar to mine. He made the experience fun, and I also I give him credit for doing back-to-back shows in the same location. That's why I respect him.

WindyCityJo: Amber, congratulations to you! How do you feel about sticking out the whole game, and winning, only to have another player win a million by a popularity vote?
Amber: I don't think the vote should be based only on popularity. I think it should be based on the next person who played the game the best. I'm excited for it, and excited for the person who wins it. It doesn't steal any of the excitement I feel from winning the ALL-STARS and the million.

JokeySmurf: Amber, who was the most annoying person on ALLSTARS??
Amber: <LAUGHS>Everyone gets annoying after living with them everyday all day long. But most annoying would probably have to be Shii Ann, just because that's what her strategy most involved.

KingRupert: Amber, did you and Rob ever sneak away from camp for some "private" time or were the cameras a concern?
Amber: It was pretty much next to impossible to ever escape the cameras. If we ever did get away it was for never longer than five minutes. What you saw was what you got. You get used to the cameras after 39 days.

rascal913_mon: Amber, during the Challenge for the automobile, did you let Rob win, or were you really trying to win that one?
Amber: I was really trying to win that Challenge, but I did let him win the word find Challenge. Rob was being targeted pretty heavily before that Challenge, so it made no sense for me to win it.

Boogie: Amber, during the Immunity Challenge that Shii Ann won, you were out in about four minutes. Was that on purpose, knowing you would not be voted out?
Amber: <LAUGHS>No, I don't give up that easily. I was actually pretty confident I would win that challenge. When the water came down I was shocked, I didn't even realize my hand had moved.

Hungrybear: Amber besides Rob was there anyone else you made a lasting friendship with?
Amber: From the All-STARS cast, I have friendships with quite a few. I may not be as close with them as friends from home, but I'll be sure to keep in touch with Jenna L., Rupert, and obviously Jenna M. since we live in the same city. But I'm not against hearing from the rest of the crew too.

Shanana: Amber, did you and Rob ever consider bringing Rob C. in on your alliance? After all, he is such a student of the game!
Amber: Being such a student of the game is exactly why he was voted off so early. He wasn't someone we wanted around strategizing behind our backs. Remember, just because you make an alliance with someone doesn't mean you can trust them.

bostonrobownsall: Amber, how do you think the fans would have perceived Rob if he took Jenna to the Final Two instead of you?
Amber: I think they should view it as a strategic move, and not a move based on whom he cares for more. Rob was out there to play the game, and if he thought that he could have won against Jenna I would have respected that decision.

RUPERT_FOR_PRESIDENT: Amber, are you planning a long or short engagement?
Amber: When it comes down to it, I'm not really sure. Things are pretty busy right now with everything related to SURVIVOR. But I'm definitely looking forward to getting the plans started.

Loves-Rupert: Amber, if CBS presented you with the option of having your wedding on TV, would you go for it? Or would you rather a family wedding?
Amber: That seems to be one of the most popular questions. It's not something Rob and I have talked about, but it will definitely have to be a joint decision. Who knows, we'll see.

MeNskippy: Amber, do you yourself really think Jenna would have won had she been in the Final Two with Rob? She thinks so!
Amber: I don't think she should have won against Rob, I think Rob played a better game. But the Jury does tend to vote with their emotions. I guess we'll never know.

RobM_Fan: Amber, are you amazed how bitter Lex, Kathy and others are? Do you think they'll ever forgive and forget?
Amber: Yes, I think it's pretty ridiculous how dramatic they're being about this whole situation. When it comes down to it, it's a game, a game they lost. As far as forgiveness goes, we've done all we can do to apologize. I'm not holding a grudge, life's too short.

jela: Amber, did you have any secret side alliances with anyone that rob didn't know about or was it rob all the way?
Amber: I did have other alliances with Alicia and was considering one with Shii Ann. But on top of that I was already in so many others and was thinking about the end when all these alliances would have been torn apart. Rob had more alliances than I, which is why he had so many more people mad at him. Strategically I think that was a bad move, which is why I won.

VoteRupert: If you two weren't in the drawing for the million dollars for Thursday night, who would you pick and why?
Amber: I probably wouldn't want to pick anybody. I think the only people who strategically deserve to win would be Rob and me. But I already won and don't want to ask for more.

Survivor Host: Unfortunately, our time with Amber is up. Amber, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the SURVIVOR fans?
Amber: I'd like to thank everyone for their love and support. They have made this experience all the more exciting. Vote Rob to win the second million!

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