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Rob's CBS Chat
« on: May 15, 2004, 04:39:12 PM »
SURVIVOR Host: We are now joined by Boston Rob, Hey Rob! Thanks for joining us. Are you ready for some some questions?
Rob M: All right! Thanks for being here. Definitely, let's do it.
TimothyP: Rob, you said, "I'm sure people took this game very personal, and that's their frickin' problem." Do you regret making comments like that?
Rob M: You know the game was very personal, but when it got down to the final vote, I think people had a tough time separating their feelings from the game. And that is their problem. I was just playing a game, playing it hard, and I didn't allow personal feelings to enter my game plan. I was able to stay focused.

DanieuB: Yay Rob! Excellent game! Why didn't you try and make a better case for the Jury? Was it because of guilt?
Rob M: You know when you sit in the Final Two seats at the last Tribal Council that you're in a difficult situation. On one hand, you want to tell people how you really feel, and say, "Hey look, I outplayed you, get over it," and on the other hand, you want people to vote for you. In the end, I think I handled myself pretty well, considering all the abuse I took.

Robbie: Boston Rob, do you think "win at any cost" is a good attitude to have in SURVIVOR, and is there a line you wouldn't cross in the game?
Rob M: I think absolutely: win at all costs should be the motto for everyone playing SURVIVOR. Let's not forget it's a game. That was my attitude going into this, anyway. I'm not sure where my ethical line would have been, but I think I stayed within my boundaries in the course of the game.

niki73: Rob, what was going through your mind when the tribes were being switched around? You deserve an Oscar for your performance with Lex after your tribe won Immunity.
Rob M: Thank you (laughs). It was like a bad nightmare flashback to Marquesas. The one person I truly needed in the game got stuck on the other tribe. I made a promise to Amber at the beginning to keep her in the game as long as I could and try to protect her. At this point, I was still thinking solely about the alliance. It wasn't until after we were separated that I realized I had true feelings for her.

Heyooo: Hi Rob, were you thinking for a second to step down and give Amber the last Immunity win? And why did you not?
Rob M: At first I was going to give her the Immunity because I believed she would take me to the Final Two. But it would defeat everything I set out to accomplish in the game, which was stay in the full 39 days. I didn't want to just give it to her. We're both very competitive people, and we both agreed to fight it out until the end.

HoneyBee: Rob, even though you know better, after having watched the show, did it seem like Amber was just using you to get ahead?
Rob M: No. I could tell very early on that we had a connection that went beyond an alliance, and I think she'll agree with me. In the beginning, I knew we were both playing each other, but fairly early on I knew we had a connection that was stronger than just an alliance. But it was always in the back of my mind--99.9 percent--that everything was solid.

JasonV: Hi Rob, I understood why you said that about Bo. He lost the spear tip. Do you think Tom overreacted?
Rob M: Thanks for understanding. Finally someone who gets it. I think he did overreact to a degree. I never meant any maliciousness. I never meant what I said to be derogatory. Tom and I used to joke around all the time out there. If I did offend Tom or Bo or his family, I apologize for that.

ManicMonday: Rob, what became of the scrapbook?
Rob M: Good question. CBS told us that the winner was going to keep the scrapbook, and when we got down to the Final Four we agreed that whoever won would make three copies of everything for the others. I did see it at Madison Square Garden the other night, but I don't know what became of it. It may be being auctioned off for charity.

Europia: Rob, first, congradulations. Everyone wants Rupert to win the vote for the million because he seems so nice. Did you see another side to him out there that we didn't, or do you think he deserves to win also?
Rob M: First of all, thank you for your comments. I think Rupert is a great guy. Everyone seems to love him, and I have to agree. However, I don't think Rupert played the game as well as I did. And I truly believe I deserve to win the other million dollars. So I'm asking everybody out there who truly thinks I played the game the best to please vote for me. It would make my dreams come true. Thank you.

seawater: Hi Rob. When did you first realize that Lex and Tom would have formed an alliance if Lex had survived, and why won't Tom admit it? Has anyone else come up to you saying you were correct about this?
Rob M: It's funny because in the beginning everyone used to joke around with Tom about him having an alliance with Lex and Ethan, because they had one in Africa. Tom denied it to the point where it became very obvious that he did have a prearranged deal. Kathy and Lex were the ones that outright said it was true and sold him out. I have no idea why Tom won't admit it. I think because they told us when they were casting the show not to make any prearranged alliances. Nobody else has told me it was correct, but I think it was obvious to everyone. He won't admit it, and it wasn't really a big deal. What bothers me is he wouldn't admit it, and he still won't admit it.

goflamesgo: Rob, is Lex still mad at you?
Rob M: I have no idea how Lex feels about me. I think Lex is a great guy with a great heart. I think he let his emotions and personal feelings get the best of him, and he forgot we were playing a game. I've apologized numerous times, and life is too short to hold a grudge. But what are you supposed to do if someone won't accept your apology? Lex has been mad because he said I came to him as a friend asking for a favor, which I did. I used friendship in every way I could to get ahead in the game and keep my alliances intact. However, we were playing a game. He said he did the favor as a friend. Well, when a true friend asks me to do a favor for him, I don't expect anything in return. On another note, Lex has said when it came down to making the decision, it wasn't even him who made it; it was Kathy. So I think Lex, if he's going to be mad at anybody, he should be mad at Kathy. But most of all, he should be mad at himself. I'm really sorry he feels this way, and I hope it is something he can get over. I never meant to hurt him personally.

ToddCC: Rob, have you made up with Kathy?
Rob M: I love Kathy; I always will. I think she's a very strong person and a great game player. I think time will heal everything.

wicked_hod: Rob, were you jealous when Amber got to go with Rupert and Jenna to the resort spa?
Rob M: (Laughs) No, I was very happy for her. I really tried to win that Challenge, and things seem to work out in a funny way for me. If I had won that Challenge, I would have wanted to take Amber with me. I also would have felt indebted to take Lex, and who knows what would have happened if I had. When it gets down to individual Immunities and Challenges, I would suggest people go for the Immunity, not the Rewards, because winning Rewards only brews jealousy and resentment among the other tribe members.

Yikes: Rob, what did your brother think of the dreaded Food Challenge?
Rob M: Poor Mikey. I give him a lot of credit. He took down every menu item without complaint. The farfaru was the worst, and I was gagging on the sidelines when they brought it out, having flashbacks from MARQUESAS. Happy birthday to him, and thank you.

Swannabe: Hey Rob, great game! You rocked this season. One question: It's one thing to outwit and get people thrown off, it's another thing to say bad things about them during your confessionals. What did you have to gain by trash-talking your competition behind their backs?
Rob M: Thanks a lot, man. I was just trying to put a funny spin on things; that's my sense of humor. I never wanted anyone to take anything personally. I work in construction, and every morning the guys bust your chops; it's all in good fun. I guess not everyone is as thick-skinned as I am.

HockeyPerson: Rob, can you tell us something that was said in Tribal Council that was not aired? Thanks and good luck!
Rob M: When Jenna asked the question what are you going to do with the million dollars, she actually asked, what is the first, non-selfish charitable thing you're going to do with the million. Also, the final speeches were edited out of order. They were actually delivered in the order that the people were kicked off. Lex first and Jenna last. Another thing you didn't see at the very end of Tribal Council: Jeff gave us a last opportunity to plead our cases. I stood up and told the Jury that I think I played the game hard and didn't mean to hurt their feelings, but that I hoped they would vote for me because I was the best player and they should put their emotions aside.

SmrlisNrfrlis: Rob, do you think that your romance with Amber will change the dynamics of the future shows? Will people try hooking up to try to win the million?
Rob M: I don't know about all that, but I'll say this. Amber and I were able to find trust in a game where trust is the most important element. If two people can come together and trust each other and work as a team without anyone else knowing--or do it out in the open like us--then they'll be unstoppable. Two votes are better than one. And three is better than two, but when you get to three, ultimately three will win out. Just look at what happened with Jenna and Rupert.

WindyCityJo: Rob, c'mon buddy! Was it hard to muster up those tears at the final Jury inquest?
Rob M: (Laughs) You know, the last Tribal Council was very heated and very emotional. I was trying to appeal to their emotions. I was trying to make them see I was affected as well. To be honest with you, those were tears of sorrow, because I think I realized that I wasn't going to win (laughs).

RoxxSoxx: Rob, it seems that you and Rob C. could have rocked in a secret alliance. Did you ever consider that?
Rob M: No. I never considered it. I think Rob C. is a really funny guy, but he used to constantly degrade himself to be funny, and it got annoying. I don't think I could handle 39 days with him. But I think Rob's great guy; I just couldn't play with him.

SunshineDay: Rob, seeing it from the outside, after watching the show, whose game do you respect the most, aside from yours and Amber's?
Rob M: I really like and respect the way Richard Hatch played the game. I think he gets it: it's a game, a win-at-all-costs game, and he doesn't make excuses when it's over.

Oops: Rob, did you hurt yourself when you slipped and fell on the yacht when you were golfing drunk?
Rob M: (Laughs) No, I didn't hurt myself, just my ego a little bit.

rascal913_mon: Rob, what do you wish you had done differently in order to possibly have won the respect of the other Survivors?
Rob M: I don't know that there was too much else I could have done. I played as hard as I could, and I think that when it came down to it, people's feelings got hurt, and they couldn't separate that from that it was a game. I have no regrets for how I played the game, and I'd do it all again the same way even if it meant the same results.

DanieuB: Hi Rob, will you be going back to your construction job, or is there going to be a career change?
Rob M: You know, I always love construction. Right now, I'm going to enjoy all the opportunities headed my way. I would love to do a TV show that involved construction in some aspect. But ultimately, construction will always be a part of my life.

SURVIVOR Host: Unfortunately, our time with Boston Rob is up. Rob, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any closing words for SURVIVOR fans?
Rob M: Thanks for joining me, I really appreciate it, all the fans all season long, especially all you guys on the Internet. I love checking out all the Web sites. I had a great time playing this season. I would really appreciate it if you guys got together, got on and voted for me to win the million. That would ultimately show me that you guys -- the fans -- really get that it's a game that I played the best and not a popularity contest.

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Re: Rob's CBS Chat
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Thanks for posting.  I enjoyed this chat.  Good questions asked here also.

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Re: Rob's CBS Chat
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i think it was a great chat, i agree thanks for posting it.  i think Rob played a great game.