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The Real World: Back To New Orleans


ZBC Company:
This is the house:

Here is the best look at one of the castmates:

One of them is a comedian and performed at a comedy club the other night.
The girls are apparently all really hot.
One of them is a red head and is apparently pudgy.
One guy with black hair.
A black guy with gorgeous eyes who is probably gay.
And another black guy who is considered a blipster.

ZBC Company:
I think we have nother african american on this season

ZBC Company:


Eric Patrick
Comedian, 24, Graduate of West Virgina University
"black guy with the eyes to die for"

Thank to Rtvgames for spoiler

Here is a list of the roommates:

Eric Patrick- 24 from WV
Jemmye Carroll- from MS
McKenzie Coburn- 21 from FL
Ryan Leslie- 21 from AZ
Ryan Knight- 23 from WI
Preston Roberson-Charles- 21 from MI, currently in Boston
Sahar Dika- 21 from MI
Ashlee Feldman- from PA, currently in Boston

Got the cast names from Vevmo.


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