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Catch the premiere of "Undercover Boss" this Sunday after the Super Bowl on CBS!


This Sunday, you can finally catch the premiere episode of "Undercover Boss".  The show drops the CEO's of major corporations into the shoes of the working class, and the people in charge get to see just how demanding some jobs are when managing everything that life can throw your way.  I know that Oprah highlighted episodes featuring Waste Management Corp. and 7-Eleven Corp.  At the end, the boss reveals himself/herself to the staff, and acknowledges their individual efforts.  It is a great example of hard work getting noticed!!!

The premiere episode is airing on CBS after the Super Bowl on February 7th!  This has the next “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” written all over it.  Be sure to check it out for a moving hour.

I was amazed at the danger that the boss of the message places in the latest episode she was clearly talking on her cellphone with her kids in the back seat while driving on camera!This is just unreal to me in some states it is the same as a impaired driving charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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