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give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« on: November 08, 2015, 05:37:23 AM »
Over 10 seasons (17-27) some seasons had have some casts that either makes that season more powerful, saving that season, or even drowning that season... And I want to share my though by giving the cast overall rating from season 17 to season 27 in scale 1-5 so here it is

TAR 17

Rating: 4

TAR 17 had the most powerful season before UB era and thanks to the cast (except Michael and Kevin lol ) and first time ever female team winner concluded its reign... Glam route + Powerful cast = ideal season

TAR 18

Rating: 4,4

This UB season beat the expectation of some super fans that it could be compare to first All star  that below expectations... With almost of the returnee racer are beloved and glam route, this season spoken so loud. Powerful cast, glam back story behind their return, great but not too over drama and beloved winner, this season will be in my heart  :<3

TAR 19

Rating: 3,8

I think this season is a step down from UB that powerful, the casts are good, but it's still behind from 2 previous season that really powerful, some team are delivered like Justin and Jeniffer, Marcus and Amani , Andy and Tommy and Bill and Cathi, but some were boring like Ernie and Cindy lol, but still a good season

TAR 20

Rating: 4,1

This season is a drama season lol  :funny: Brechel vs Vanessa/Ralph ruined my hearing, cocky Art and JJ, inspiring Mark and Bopper and "kindergarten teacher  :funny:" Nary and Jamie gives a huge of hell drama that somehow works and more powerful...

TAR 21

Rating: 4

Tbh this season was saved by powerful cast and Final leg... Who can't forget how clever Josh and Brent had played despite sticked as underdog, or how evil was Natalie/Nadiya, James/Jaymes to their rivalries (Remember Netherland leg?) and how positive was Abbie and Ryan and James and Abba...?

TAR 22

Rating: 3,3

I was not too exicted about the racers this season... The only thing I loved most was only CaroJen, Chuck and Wynonna and Bates and Anthony, the rest wasn't too hot, except I was eagerly laughed at Jessica and John stupidity of express pass usage  :funny:

TAR 23

Rating: 3,9

Evil Tim and Marie, hilarious Leo and Jamal, Mr and ms. "I wanna express pass so bad so please" Nicole and Travis  :funny:, being positive think The bunnies was entertain me tbh... So I'm no doubt to give a almost 4 score for this season

TAR 24

Rating: 2,5

Threepeaters ( except Jet and Cord lol) and Whinner Dave and Connor ruined it all, move on

TAR 25

Rating: 4,8

Tbh this was easily the best season yet in all Season of Tar, followed Glam route and leg design, extraordinary racers added more plus point... Hilarious team Brooke and Robbie, glam female team like Kym and Ally and Amy and Maya, inspirational Adam and Bethany and super competitive but too darn serious Jim is a treasure that shone... I could give 5 if Adam and Bethany or.... Michael and Scott :funny: Won  :funny:...

TAR 26

Rating: 4,7

Another drama season lol :funny:, although the leg designs wasn't too amazing, the cast was glam...
Can't  forget that golden moment and cast like Mike and Rochelle spirits, too cocky Laura and Tyler, Libby and CJ selfie :lol:, AND ONE AND ONLY : Capt. Obvious and Ms. " I am always right " aka the bickersons :funny: :funny: :funny:

TAR 27

Rating: 4,1 :funny:

This season tbh saved by casts that somehow entertaining like The bickering couple Logan and Chris :funny: , Denise goddess :funny:, Tiff and Krista, Cindy and Rick :lol:, Ernest and Jin, Tanner and Josh and evennnnnnn....
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Justin and Diana :lol: Ok time to hide :lol:

So what's your opinion? Or you can give a rating too...
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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 06:20:21 AM »
TAR 17: 4,6
TAR 18: 4,4
TAR 19: 3,6
TAR 20: 4,0
TAR 21: 3,9
TAR 22: 4,2
TAR 23: 4,1
TAR 24: 0,2
TAR 25: 4,8
TAR 26: 4,6
TAR 27: 4,4
I only care about female team to win or final 3!
Kym & Alli for All Stars please!
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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2015, 06:28:19 AM »
TAR 17 : 4.4
The final 7 is memorable, with funny Brooke & Claire, charming Mallory and Bickering Nick & Vicki  :<3

TAR 18 : 4.6
I like most of the teams this season, except Zev & Justin and Globetrotters who are damn boring.

TAR 19 : 2
I do not like people being so nice to each other on the Amazing Race, teams are so bland this season except mean Cindy and Bill and Cathi <33333

TAR 20 : 2.5
The only one I like this season is Vanaessa & Ralph :funny: Art & JJ are too annoying.. Don't forget the constantly crying Rachel  )-**

TAR 21 : 4.3
The final 5 is so likeable and the cast is so diverse  :hearts:

TAR 22 : 4.4
Even though Joey & Maghan are way too annoying, Caroline & Jennifer and Max & Katie really save the season towards the end   :hearts:

TAR 23 : 3.5
Marie is the only reason making this season memorable  :hearts:

TAR 24 : 1.5
For me, the entire cast is not likeable except Caroline & Jennifer  :funny:  I even "like" Rachel desphite she makes me almost give up TAR 20  )-**

TAR 25 : 4.5
It will be much better if Shelly & Nici make it further instead of boring Adam & Bethany  :<3

TAR 26 : 4.8
I like all the teams except the winner  :stare  Hayley goddness makes this season outstanding depshite poor leg structure in the first few legs  :cheer: :cheer:

TAR 27 : 4.9
This is the most diverse cast in the Amazing Race history I think (?)  Tiffany & Krista goddness  :cheer: :cheer:
Desphite the first episodes solely focus on the rivary, we still get to enjoy the early boots this season. This is what the other recent seasons lack  :conf:

I think I am being too generous though  :cheer:
I generally like villain teams and hyperactive girl teams  :funny:

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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2015, 02:26:31 AM »
TAR17: 9/10

I loved everyone! I only didn't like Jill/Thomas :x

TAR18: 7.5/10

Solid returnee pool but the presence of nearly half the people from TAR14 + the worst TAR15 returnees possible + Jet/Cord nearly ruined it.

TAR19: 8/10

IDK why but I'm oddly in love with this season's cast :lol: The only team I really felt indifferent to were Ron/Bill (who?) and Andy/Tommy (yuck).

TAR20: 8/10

Solid cast. Art & JJ however, are the most disgusting human beings I've ever seen on the Race.

TAR21: 6.5/10

The cast was really bland but thank god the boot order gave personally my favourite Final Six ever on TAR (minus the winners, but even they weren't as gross as other winners)

TAR22: 9/10

I loved everyone! I only really felt indifferent towards the winners (and the first boots), but I really dug everyone this season.

TAR23: 7/10

Bland cast. Nicky/Kim + Tim/Marie + Tim/Danny were fun though.

TAR24: 3/10

Not worthy of an F because Brenchel + Twinnies were on it but yeah.

TAR25: 10/10

I loved everyone this season! :hrt: They can legitimately bring anyone back and I would be happy.

TAR26: 9/10

I loved everyone except Laura & Tyler :lol: Really dug this cast still!

TAR27: 8.5/10

Amazing cast, everyone is amazing, I love everyone, but f*** Justin. Season ruining irritant.
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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2015, 09:11:55 AM »
Sorry rafael for ruining your grading system

TAR 17 10/11
I really like all the teams, except for Katie & Rachel, because they are mean to Michael & Kevin. But overall, TAR 17 has likable casts.

TAR 18 9/11
Never like the Globetrotters in the original season, dislike them too in this one. I know I'm gonna get booed, but I never get the hate toward Cowboys. They are kinda okayish for me. Indifferent toward Zev & Justin, but I like Kris & Amanda. 0.5 points for Cowboys and Zustin

TAR 19 9/11
This my first TAR that I watched when I start watching TAR again. Ron & Bill are kinda forgettable, and Andy & Tommy are boring, but I like the remaining casts.

TAR 20 4/11
I dislike everyone except for Misa/Maiya, Nary/Jamie, and Mopper, and Brenchel.

TAR 21 7/11
Love Final 6 + Amy & Daniel

TAR 22 6/11
The early boots are not that likeable, and we still have Joey at the end of the race, so not a good cast overall.

TAR 23 9/11
I find the cast endearing, and I love them all except for Chester & Ephraim and Brandon & Adam

TAR 24 2/11
Brenchel and country singers are the saving grace of the season.

TAR 25 9/11
I have a little hate for almost every team so the accumulation of hate points will be 2

TAR 26 8/11
Like everyone except the winner, bergen & kurt, and the first boot.

TAR 27 8/11
Like everyone except the obvious one, the 10th place team, and the 9th team

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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 10 seasons ( 17-27 )
« Reply #5 on: November 18, 2015, 09:21:22 AM »
please remember that TAR 27 is still airing. There should be NO discussion of anything from 27 that has not yet aired, nor any discussion of elimination order here. thanks!
"Our fans are pretty good. They don't give away too much. Sometimes people love dropping spoilers, but our fans are good. They tend to do it in such a way that doesn't ruin it for fans who don't want to know."--Phil Keoghan

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Re: give rating of seasons cast over 11 seasons ( 17-28 )
« Reply #6 on: April 25, 2016, 08:40:05 AM »

TAR 28 : 4,0

I really like how WRP tipped the critic before season started that this season would be staged with the all of them at least had one member team that became a viral sensation or internet celebrity...

i really like how teams enjoyed this race very much and entertaining with their act and quotes and didn't seem to be forced to act fun... although it is a internet celebrity edition, the cast is pretty diverse actually(?) and legs onward, the cast developed to be lovable (Brodide and Kurt for example, they seems pretty  annoying but a afterward they seemed fun...) and the editing makes the cast even better. .. (even 3 of them are my top 10 favorites teams <3 )

but i think the weakness of this casts is lack of devious teams (i must say that 27 and 20 created devious teams that actually pretty fun) like teams kinda too nice to each other (see Tar 19)( well, Blair persuaded other teams to not to help Jessica was devil one :lol: but that's all) i think because of editing (?), and we kinda felt like there's lack of story side... like the motives behind their race, the competition between teams and etc.. (ok there's a flirt between Blair and Brodie but it kinda too forced) and it' shame because i actually really enjoyed this season
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