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Parvati Shallow (27)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Personal Claim To Fame: “Building a thriving charity.”
Inspiration in Life: “My mom and dad.”
Previous Finishes: Cook Islands: 15th Out, 7th Jury Member; Micronesia: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: “Jeff Probst actually saying my name right.”
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: James Clement (China, Micronesia)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands, Micronesia)
Why Did She Come Back? : “To win, again!”

I didn't know she hated Jonathan Penner so much. :duno:


--- Quote from: Joab on January 08, 2010, 10:03:09 AM ---I didn't know she hated Jonathan Penner so much. :duno:

--- End quote ---

Yeah. I thought he should be respected more when he got evacuated.

Anyway, not rooting for her. So yeah.  :lol:


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