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TAR 6: Kris and Jon "not a lot of screen time"

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I rewatched season 6 too just couple days ago. That season was full of teams and persons that created some drama all the time (Johnathan & Victoria, Adam & Rebecca, Lori & Bolo, Hayden, Kendra  :drama). So considering that it's not weird that Kris and Jon got so little screen time.

ps. Season 6 is my favourite season

TARAsia Fan:
Mine too. Kris & Jon were my favorite team of all the seasons. Hardly got mad. Had a great attitude. Appreciated everywhere they went. I still recognize them as the winners of TAR6 over Freddie & racist Kendra.

I still remember season 6. They were a good team, probably the best team in that season :tup:

 :welcome2: to RFF, nathandg!


--- Quote from: Hooky on January 06, 2010, 01:13:47 AM ---Yes, there are other teams that have small amounts of screen time, but so far this team is the only one I can think of that made it to the Final 3 (unless you count TK & Rachel's blandness as being a small amount of screentime :lol:).

Other teams with hardly any screen time were Anthony & Stephanie, Eric & Lisa, Vipul & Arti, and Garrett & Jessica. Most seem to have occurred in recent seasons.

--- End quote ---

This little screen time make me think who is out soon and who is not. When you get to know teams because they are seen a lot, they will get far.

And about this thread, I can't say anything but I LOVE KRIS & JON!!

Kris & Jon were one of the best teams EVER! 4 1st places, 4 2nd Places, 2 3rd Places and 2 4th Places. Really amazing! They were also fun, for my point of view (Flinstones Moment in Hungary <33333333), and they didn't bicker against anyone, nor between them


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