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I just heard about this TAR type reality show set in Shanghai...did anyone see it??

If you have a link to watch, please let me know!

--- Quote ---What are some of the kinds of challenges we're going to see these contestants go through?

I don't know if I can be very specific (you'll have to watch the show!), but ICS worked very closely with the different district offices in Shanghai. Each show is set in one district - one is in just Minhang, one is in Pudong, one is in huangpu etc. Because ICS got permission from the districts, we were able to film some of the most amazing locations in all of Shanghai - the Tennis Masters Center in Minhang, the Maglev in Pudong - we got to pick all of our dream locations for Shanghai and they made it happen.

Any funny moments or stories from the set?

We had GREAT contestants actually. They would've worked on any reality series in the world. They come from all walks of life - we got a mother and son team from the States, we had a couple from Brazil that'd only dated for six months, and we had these two guys who had only been in China maybe a combined month or so.

They were one of our funniest teams because they had no idea what they were doing, how to get anywhere... I mean, imagine. You barely speak the language, you haven't even been here very long, and suddenly you're trying to find clues all over the city. But, surprisingly, they actually did alright.

What was your inspiration for doing something like Shanghai Rush?

Our point wasn't to make a reality show where people fight and scream at each other all the time. We weren't trying to cause people to act terribly. We really tried to make the show about these contestants racing around Shanghai, really getting immersed here.

What we really tried to do was show foreigners in a different light on Chinese TV. Usually if you see a foreigner on China, they're either getting on stage to show off how Chinese they are or they're some expert trying to sell something. But really, the funniest moments, I think, is watching foreigners just try to get around in this city.

What we really tried to do was something... a lot of foreigners on television in China is either them getting on stage and do Chinese things. We tried to do something completely different from that. The funniest moments is watching foreigners try to get around.

Right now, you see the kid who can speak perfect Mandarin or the foreign doctor or the dumb laowai pengyou... But these guys, our contestants, are the expats you know. They aren't integrated, but they aren't completely clueless either... and suddenly they're stars of this TV show.

I think people are going to be surprised by this. We certainly haven't seen them acting the way they'd normally act on TV.
--- End quote ---

Sneek peek:

Episode one tasks:

■Mission One: To take Metro Line 2 from Jing'An Temple to the city's landmark Oriental Pearl Tower and find their next clue at History Museum. Easy task! Anyone who's been in Shanghai for over a month can do that with no problem.

■Mission Two: To cruise their way from Oriental Pearl Tower to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and fight against their robot in......archery!! The leg work is not hard but the archery is not something normal people would exercise. Mmm....Let's see what will happen.

■Mission Three: To find a mysterious park between Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Aquarium. That's the part driving me crazy. What? A park between Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Aquarium? As a real Shanghaiese living here for over 26 years, it shocks me this place actually exists.

■Mission Four: To make their way to Century Park and find their next clue in its lake. Compared to mission three, this is practically a walk in the park!!

i still prefer TAR, although i watched the first 3 episode just last month, anyway peach, please read your PM. thanks

Thanks Evan!!

Wait, what! Never knew it was in English!

If anyone needs or wants a link to watch, you can ask Evan, Neobie or me by PM only please. We want to keep our uploaders safe!


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