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S20 Spoilers correct?


Are the current spoilers like when each person gets voted off and the final 3 all correct?

Also, I saw someone posted the final 3 list ALONG with the winner. Is that person really the winner seeing how the live show is the thing to announce who won.

Season 20 is pretty well spoiled. But nothing is ever a 100%, so use judgement. People talk to each other, and votes get discussed, and sometimes 2+2= winner.

Belle Book:
If the spoiler is correct, I'm not going to be 100% happy with the winner, but I liked the winner in hir season, so I should be reasonably content with hir.

Belle Book

P.S.  I'm using the phrase "hir" to avoid revealing the gender of the presumed winner.

Of course, final vote counts are never 100% accurate as the winner is announced live on the air.

S19 had some different versions of the final count, one spoiler said Russell didn't receive any votes and that Natalie received all votes. She still won, but it was not a clean sweep.


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