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S19 Finale --This Game Ain’t Over

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Survivor: Samoa Season 19, Episode 15
Dec 20, 2009 episode details
The finalists are questioned by the jury members, who cast their votes for the winner

Survivor: Samoa Reunion Season 19, Episode 16
Dec 20, 2009 episode details
The winner is announced as the 20 castaways reunite to discuss their experiences in Samoa


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Someone asked was it Sham or Jaison next. It is Shambo followed by Jaison and then Brett. I think Daves interviews are interesting about Mick not playing to win. Would he perceive Natalie as playing to win? I wonder what Brett will have to say to the jury once he arrives there and will it make any difference? Also given that Mick will be in the final 3 and he and Jaison have seemingly been plotting together will Mick get his vote or will Jaison go with the player he said \"I am starting to love that guy?\" I still think it might be an interesting vote. I wonder if they could not vote for themselves who would Natalie - Russell - and Mick vote for? Betcha Russell would vote for Natalie and Natalie would vote for Russell.
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Next time on Survivor --Battle of the final 5

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Survivor Samoa - Episode 14 (Finale) Preview


Survivor Samoa - Episode 14 (Finale) Promo 20 seconds


Survivor Samoa - Episode 14 (Finale) Promo 10 seconds


Survivor Samoa - Episode 14 (Finale) Promo 5 seconds


TDT's breakdown


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