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Congratulations to the Winners of The Amazing Race 15!!

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The Amazing Race isn't always about racing, it's about bringing people together and repairing relationships, gosh I cried like a baby, what a Amazing cast they put together this season! Kudos to casting and thank you Amazing Racers!

So true.  I mean look at all the issues last season, yet that final three was tight.

Even this year, most of the teams liked each other and were friendly with each other even when various teams pissed them off.

Not my favorite season (due to tasks and route) but I liked almost every team. And this finale, was great.  My favorite of the season and one of the best final legs ever.

Congrats to all the teams!  :jam:

The finale was definitely the best overall episode of the season. Quick dashing around + non-specific clues. Wished there was a memory task, but hey you gotta switch up the final task every now and then.


Cheyne just twitted that they will be on the Early Show tomorrow morning, on the Jimmy Fallon show tomorrow night and the Bonnie Hunt Show on tuesday

Thanks Will, I heard Fallon is a big TAR fan  :yess:


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