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Congratulations to the Winners of The Amazing Race 15!!

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Congratulations  MEGHAN AND CHEYNE!!   

finale results
Meghan and Cheyne
Dan and Sam
Brian and Ericka

Thanks for the ride guys and gals! What a fantastic final 3! What a fantastic final leg! Awesome, simply awesome!!!

Belle Book:
I agree -- congratulations to Megan & Cheyne for a well-run Race!

Belle Book

Congrats Meghan & Cheyne! A well deserved win.

Here! here!  :jumpy:

They ran a great race. This was a great season and so sad to see it over. Now what?

Oh yeah 16!!!

As you all can tell from my avatar that I have been rooting on Sam and Dan from day 1. I must say that the boys did amazing tonight. They came from being dead last to almost winning it. I was laughing watching Sam coming down the building face down and his silly comments he said. And Dan was so supportive of him at that task. I'm really proud of the boys.

This was a perfect final three and they all did awesome and I congratulate all six of them for a well done job in this season!


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