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--- Quote from: alittlebird on December 08, 2009, 12:56:57 PM ---In response to someone's post about the chip counting & Maria & Tiffany: The locations and challenges are determined before casting is completed, and those who design such things are kept in the dark about contestants until the route/challenges are locked.  Hence, the ride in Sweden that one of the globetrotters couldn't ride - I have a feeling the person who designed that wasn't anticipating a contestant too tall to ride it.

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I thought it said somewhere on the application that the race course is decided at least partially based on the things that those who apply say they will or won't do. I was under the impression that the race course was decided after contestants were chosen. Do we have any evidence that it is designed before the teams are chosen?

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alittlebird is correct Hooky. The course and locations are chosen well before the contestants...think visas, film permits, all the complicated logistics. Teams are sometimes being revamped even a couplke of weeks beforehand.

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Yeah, that's what makes sense in my mind...but I just know I read otherwise somewhere a while ago. Oh well.


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