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Kiwi Jay:
Great, love Taxi races haha

I don't know if this is right. Only one person said Toronto. It could be a decoy like Mongolia last season.

Shloky tweeted: LOL. One team is now using my computer to plan out travel in Chile. Ill be on TV some day.

And Jeff and Jordan are standing outside of Gate 47B which is a flight to Dallas. If this is right, one of the flights should be AA2446 departing 1:05. I think they fly out to Dallas and then go to Santiago, Chile. A few people know about this from Thursday. Georgiapeach knows about this and found the flight to Chile based on info I gave.

Kiwi Jay:
Shloky he has probably seen alot of teams, and he may know more than we do. Someone needs to ask him!

Chateau d If:
Here are the flights from AA. 

It takes 2 and a half hours to get to Vina Del mar from Santiago.
Maybe an overnight rest at the castle?


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