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--- Quote from: apskip on April 12, 2010, 10:53:38 PM ---We don't really know exactly when teams were released from the Singapore pit stop or whether it was a 12 hours pit stop. My thinking is that their release from the Singapore pit stop could have been as early as the evening of Dec. 16 after a less than 12 hour pitstop to sometime Dec. 17 (to be determined by what I show below). The screencap posted earlier today by puddin on the ep. 10 thread clearly showed arrival at Shanghai's Pudong Airport (code PVG) at gate 10. That is in Terminal 1 and the only flights into PVG either nonstop from Shanghai or from Hong Kong (where teams could have connected from Singapore) are by China Eastern Airlines. They were:

Dec. 17 SIN PVG -
MU544 actual dep. SIN 0111 (8 minutes late), arrival unknown (but probably around 0602)
MU564 actual dep. SIN unknown (scheduled 1010), arrival PVG unknown (scheduled 1510)

Dec. 17 HKG PVG arriving Terminal 1 and showing only the China Eastern flight number although most had codeshares -
MU726 actual dep. HKG 0827 arrival PVG unknown (scheduled 1040)
MU502 actual dep. HKG 1225 (55 minutes late) arrival PVG unknown (but probably around 1440)
MU702 actual dep. HKG 1425 (1hour 45 min. late) arrival PVG unknown (but probably around 1640)
MU608 actual dep. HKG 1601 (26 minutes late) arrival PVG unknown (but probably around 1811)
MU508 actual dep. HKG 1825 (50 minutes late) arrival PVG unknown (but probably around 2100)
MU212 actual dep. HKG 2114 (1 hour 29 min. late) arrival PVG unknown but probably around 0034+1)

Dec. 16 SIN HKG - not feasible unless pit stop less than 8 hours and only maybe for Dan/Jordan, so ignore it
Dec. 17 SIN HKG - range of departures from 0653 to 1858, with arrivals from 1030 to 2240. Last one won't connect for Dec. 17 departure from HKG to PVG.

--- End quote ---

If we assume that what Claire said is correct then teams arrive around 6am on December 18, which basically leaves us with MU544.

We know the first day races on Dec 18 from Claire., I have an arrival time of 0630 if that helps, that could have been the anticipated time the racers exit the airport.

Reviewed Claire's actual post which says:

--- Quote ---all the 4 teams were in the same flight and they arrived Shanghai on 18 Dec., bt i cannot remember the flight no.. all i can remember is they flew from singapore and arrived here at 5:50am, bt it delayed a little bit.
--- End quote ---

More MU544 info:

Airport:    (SIN) Changi Airport
Singapore, SG 
Scheduled:    12:55 AM - Fri Dec 18, 2009 
Actual:    1:11 AM - Fri Dec 18, 2009 
     Departed gate 16 min later than scheduled 
Gate:    A11 (Terminal 3) 

 Arrival Information:
Airport:    (PVG) Pu Dong Airport
Shanghai, CN 
Scheduled:    6:10 AM - Fri Dec 18, 2009 
Terminal:    1 

Oddly enough, I don't see a special thanks for the Penang episode??

But here is Episode 9:


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