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TAR15 EP12: "Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound (Las Vegas)"

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Something I realized in hindsight. I posted this when everyone was still clamoring about BE quitting the RB.

--- Quote ---On topic, I think the check in times are about:

Meghan/Cheyne 200 am
Sam/Dan 320 am (I'd say the golem task added time to them)
Brian/Ericka 600 am
--- End quote ---

And then we saw M/C leave at 11:10 am; S/D at 12:08 pm; B/E leave at 3:15 pm. Of course, B/E fairly clearly checked in during daylight, and (though I could be wrong), Prague is not in daylight at 3:15 am (and in fact, sunrise was at 6, making my guesses pretty close save for GayBros  :jam: ). Was there enough time for an extended pit stop (roughly to 33 hours?) or was it just a truncuated Pit Stop (~9 hours)?

It was clearly a 10 hour pit stop according to my estimates of when teams finished episidoe 11, which are a bit different than your estimates. My original and revisions are as follows:

Cheyne/Meghan  original 100am  revised 110am
Sam/Dan            original 230am revised  208am      
Brian/Ericka        original 500am revised  515am

I could be consistently off by one hour, making your numbers credible for a 9 hour pit stop. However, there is no possibility that Prague II was an extended pit stop. Once an extended p[it stop was taken in Estonia, the timing of the two Prague legs barely fit into arrival the morning of August 5 and departure the evening of August 6.

Kiwi Jay:
I just realized how small a race they ran. Since budget cuts from Season 12 onwards they have spanned in order (12,13,14,15) - 30,000 and 40,000 and 40,000 and now for Season 15 a minimal 25,000 and I think that sucks! Man I wish for a full 13 leg old school big connections, big flights TAR 3 epic self driving race. Come on bring it all back!


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