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24 Season 8

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I'm ready for 24 to start again.  Great show.  

Same here bee1233!

Here in Austin, we have a problem with Time Warner. They are negotiating with Fox Broadcasting but haven't come to an agreement and threaten to take it off their lineup! I will have a serious issue with them if they don't fix this. No way will I miss 24!  :cmas28

Seems they are taking a 30 cooling off period.  If I don't get Fox....I will cancel my cable.  Can't miss Idol or 24!  Thanks for the Internet so we can see the shows.  :rodeo

So happy to hear Time Warner and Fox settled.  :hearts:

I am too Bee! I'm so happy they settled. New Year's Eve we got out the antennae thingy just in case we had to use it. No way would we miss our Fox!  :snicker:

Not long now for 24!!!!! :jumpy:


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