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The new season begins Sunday January 17, 9/8C, a 2 night, 4 hour opener.

Can't Wait!


Sorry, don't know how to post a video with the code! It doesn' work with the Flash option.

Check it out at utube!

:waves: Hey TL!  How's it goin' ?   
Thanks for the preview! :hugs:


Here you go Rudy! Thanks! And if you need it again, the support thread has a video from TL telling you exactly how to do this!

Recently, I heard Rush Limbaugh, an avid 24 fan, put in a plug for the upcoming season.  Did you know Rush has been on the 24 set in previous seasons?  He's also friends with Vince Flynn, author of a book series similar to 24.  The 24 writers have consulted Flynn on show content.

A little spoiler about Season 8:  CTU is baaccck!  Yeah.

Hey peaches, thanks for posting the vid and for the info from TL! :yess:
I'll go check it out later. :hugs:


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