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Hi!  :waves:

Since there are no boards for BB's around the world, I'll start it here.

Here in the Philippines, the Big Brother frenzy is very widespread in the country. After seasons like Season 1, Celebrity Edition 1, Teen Edition 1, Season 2, Celebrity Edition 2, Teen Edition 2, and now, ABS-CBN (one of the biggest networks in our nation) decided to start another season of BB.

And Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 Double Up! was made. Teasers started to be aired over the station for the upcoming twists for the season. And they were revealed with the unveiling of the contestants and the house on its premiere night, the "Magical Reveal".

Twists for this season include:

1. For the first time in Big Brother History Around the world, there are actually TWO HOUSES of big brother (or kuya). But I doubt there are others around the world that have this too

2. There are 2 PAIRS OF IDENTICAL TWINS. It was another first time, it was the first time to have 2 PAIRS of identical twins in Big Brother History Around the World. Also, each twin lived in both houses, and must swap with each other when kuya tells them so. But the original housemates realized about it and the 2 PAIRS OF TWINS got evicted.

3. One week after the first set of Housemates entered BB Houses, another set of housemates entered too. But another twist was revealed: Kuya assigned 2 persons, a military from Austria and a transgender Math master to convince the house they are entering that they are in a relation. Kuya also instructed 3 persons, a wife and a husband and a man, to convince the house they are entering that the girl and the man (not his husband) to be married. The latter failed due to their surrender with the task.

And this season is really interesting because of several colorful  contestants.

And Week 3 Weekly Task is really funny because they have to replicate the song Drinking Boys in Japan.

The days of Adria & Natalie <3<3<3<3 I miss Nakomis' 'Six-Finger Plan'. :funny:

First Evictee is Jimson

BIG TWIST: We're in a Big Swap! A Housemate inside either one of the Houses will get to be swapped with one of the eyed 5 big brother around the world (Spain, Finland, India, ...)


--- Quote from: uycocoa on October 25, 2009, 03:51:27 AM ---First Evictee is Jimson

BIG TWIST: We're in a Big Swap! A Housemate inside either one of the Houses will get to be swapped with one of the eyed 5 big brother around the world (Spain, Finland, India, ...)

--- End quote ---

which season you are talking about

(In no particular order)

1. The PBB House were represented by Cathy, a girl housemate, to be a part of the big swap with the BB House in Finland. Caitlin from Finland flew to the Philippines and stayed inside the house for one week. She was a crucial part of the weekly task of the two Houses, because she needs to decide which house has given her enough warmth and hospitality.

2. As several housemates were evicted out of the house, the two houses were now merged as one.

3. The voting system was upgraded and modified. Instead of the usual "save-them-in" voting system, the viewers were given the chance to either VOTE TO SAVE or VOTE TO EVICT a housemate. A housemate will be evicted if he has the lowest combined scores in the save or the most percentage in the evict.

4. On one week, as a part of a twist, all of the housemates were nominated for eviction.

5. On one of their weekly challenges, they were up against the Big Brother House in India in a food carving competition. What the housemates don't know, is that the Indian BB was just fake. There was also one part wherein they will be in a Big Swap with the Indian BB House. As a part of the prank, a housemate from "India" entered the house. Harish, the Indian Housemate, was summoned to make the lives of housemates miserable. In the end, the Filipino Housemates realized that all was just a fake and prank.

6. The PBB House welcomed Annina Uchatis, a former German Housemate from Big Brother Germany. She was monickered "Super G" because of her overly sized boobies. She stayed for one week and Christmas inside the house.

7. The housemates celebrated the Christmas and New Year inside the house.

8. "Kuya" (Big Brother in English), because of his exhaustion and stress from watching and streaming the housemates, had acquired a severe sickness that has caused him to collapse during a confessional with a housemate. He was sent to the hospital for further examinations.

Meanwhile, he was replaced by his brother, known as "Big Utol" (Utol is a street word meaning brother). Big Utol is more rebellious and more joker than his brother. He even made his own confession room. He tortures the housemates to the point that some are crying already. However, he is just doing this to pay justice to his brother for the stress they gave to Kuya.

Big Utol is still the Big Brother in charge as for the moment.


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