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Been to a RACE Location?? POST IT HERE!

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The US edition:
Luneta Park & Laguna for the Philippines
Red Fort, Bara Imambara & the Taj Mahal for India

Other editions:
Fort Santiago, Paco Park, Quiapo Church/Plaza Miranda, Carriedo area for the Philippines

Me and my family were planning to go to Phuket and I was full excited about going to the zoo and getting a lion/tiger picture and a pic with the Gorilla but it got canceled  :groan:

Neobie really wins this hands down. He has visited at least more than 20 of the TAR locations and has his own photo album. It's just amazing and i'm so jealous. :lol:

I wanna see!

If we are going to do this, let's POST our pics and not just say we have them.... More fun to see them!!


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