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I've been visited The Monkey Forrest that TAR visited in S22 in Bali. I've been feeding the monkey as well. You know, feeding that monkey was hard core! I also visited Kota Kinabalu(The coconut Roadblock place in S16) and Keraton and Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta(TAR 19 Pit Stop in Leg 2 and 3)

TAR landmarks that I visited in 2013:

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka - featured TAR12 Leg 10 and TAR20 Leg 11
Osaka Castle - featured in TAR20 Leg 11
Noda Station in Osaka - featured TAR12 Leg 09 [technically, I didn't step out of the station, but I passed by it many times!]

Miyajima Island - featured in TAR20 Leg 11

Tokyo Tower in Tokyo - featured in TAR15 Leg 01 [but not to the studio where they did the wasabi bomb challenge]
Shibuya Crossing & Hachiko Statue in Tokyo - featured TAR9 Leg 11

Hangang Park in Seoul - featured in TAR4 Leg 11 and TAR17 Leg 11
Namsan Park and Seoul Tower in Seoul - featured in TAR4 Leg 10
DMZ area - featured in TAR4 Leg 10 and TAR17 Leg 11
Gyeongbokgung Palace - featured in TAR4 Leg 10

Hoping to visit more in Dec!

Reilly Queens:

and Engelberg/Titlis:


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and Engelberg/Titlis:

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Beautiful seasonal contrast between Lucerne and the Swiss mountains! :luvya: Switzerland is definitely listed on my "dream-team-vay-cay" notebook. But until I am rich enough to fly round-trip in premier to a foreign country, it's strictly domestic flights around the U.S. for me. :lol:

I was able to go to the TAR21 Leg 1 Pit Stop last month. :)


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