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and Engelberg/Titlis:

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Beautiful seasonal contrast between Lucerne and the Swiss mountains! :luvya: Switzerland is definitely listed on my "dream-team-vay-cay" notebook. But until I am rich enough to fly round-trip in premier to a foreign country, it's strictly domestic flights around the U.S. for me. :lol:

I was able to go to the TAR21 Leg 1 Pit Stop last month. :)


--- Quote from: gamerfan09 on May 20, 2014, 07:34:17 PM ---I was able to go to the TAR21 Leg 1 Pit Stop last month. :)

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Amazing pictures of the Huangpu River area! :hrt: I would love to travel to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, and Hong Kong) some day to experience the country firsthand.

Did you find The Bund Bank that Rob & Sheila accidentally went to? ;)

Though I've visited many TAR destinations over the years, my most recent destination featured on the race was Seville. Here are some photos of the murals (one for a city of Spain) at the Spanish Plaza taken during New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, 25 percent of them were under renovation, but it was nice seeing everything there.

I've lived in three cities where TAR has either started or finished, or been to (south Florida, metro Washington DC, and metro Atlanta, and in all three places they found places I hadn't been to (but others I have.)

Two of them were finish lines, two of them were start lines years before TAR came. So I am not complaining that I've never gotten outside the US. ;)


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