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I am taking a Barcelona and Berlin trip for some days. I am now resting in Berlin, and will upload some pics when I am somehow more free. I should say I have been on the verge of making the BASE jump featured on TAR 22 as it was half price today (39,5 only today, being 79 the normal price, in case some of you may want to know).

I have obvs. seen the Brandenburg Gate, and may try to find the pub featuring last season's roadblock <333

Will upload pics asap.

(Finally got my computer to cooperate!) :wohoo:
About a week ago, I came back from an exciting trip to Seattle/Tacoma. First, I drove to Tacoma to help my uncle move to another house further from the main city. After helping pack and transfer his belongings to the new house, I decided to take a TAR3 & 10 city tour excursion in Seattle.

The first clue box location I went to is Kerry Park. It qualifies as the world's smallest park in my record book. However, small stuff usually have big packages so when I looked at the panorama, you can see the incredible Space Needle, downtown Seattle, the marina, even Mt. Rainier in a scoop of the view. It was so beautiful, why would anyone want to use a pay telescope to see one section of the city (unless a TAR directs you to).

After visiting Kerry Park, I drove to the International Fountain at Seattle Center. Unfortunately, I could not take any pictures of the waters dancing in the fountain bowl because there wasn't parralel parking space available around the perimeter of the Center, the walkway ramps and trees obstructed the view, and the nearest lot during my hunt for a parking area would be the garage at the Pacific Science Center which I was scared to go to since I did not want to pay a heavy sum of money to visit a fountain for five minutes. It was really shameful when I saw there was a Polish festival happening on the veranda of the Center. I really wanted to know what kielbasa tasted like after Dustin and Charla taunted Erinielle and Joe & Bill with "bad eating habits". :gaah: So disappointed. Anyways, I could not hold my head down because I decided an equal alternative would be to drive to the Roadblock location of TAR3's final leg, Lincoln Park. The park was a lot further than I expected it to be. I had to change highways and drive into a residential area to get there. When I got to the park, I thought I had no hope in finding a parking space again at all since it was crowded with cars! Surprisingly, this nice young dude who was waiting for a car to back out of the lot sacrificed his spot so I could park my car instead. It was simply the nicest thing anyone has ever done while I was driving. Back on topic, the park is gorgeous. So many trees, quite serene, and birds chirp in happiness. There was a little league baseball diamond and children's playground further down the sedimented path. (The first picture looks like the location where the animal totems were placed.)

After relaxing for a while, searching for birds, I drove to the Finish Line and Starting Line location, Gas Works Park. The drive to this park was super confusing because it was across downtown Seattle and then you had to exit the highway and drive another mile or two down a street and then oh my gosh. It took three tries before I finally got the right combination of turns. I give a LOT of respect to the Seattle taxi drivers for finding the park and the TAR10 teams for finding their way out because that was the most challenging part of my trip, and Lincoln Park was in a residential area I had to find. Anyways, when I got to the park, :conf: SURPRISE :conf:, I saw a CHARITY MARATHON!!! :hrt: I love jogging for charity so I could not resist this public event. After spending an hour looking at charitable spirit wear, talking with racers who finished the half marathon in 5 - 6 hours, and purchasing a bottle of water, I was back on track in TAR mode. (The second photo was where my TAR3 nightmare came true.)

Flash forward into TAR10, 12 teams were transported by seaplanes (first photo) to Gas Works Park and were told about the twists and turns of the tenth race around the world. When I was on the hill teams started on, the view was 1000x better than Kerry Park! Not only could you see the Space Needle and downtown, but beautiful blue Lake Union and the housing in the hilly areas of Seattle were priceless. It was absolutely stunning. (FUN FACT: This hill was also the starting line for Food Network's Chefs vs. City [FN version of The Amazing Race] when Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino raced against another local team completing foodie tasks in Seattle's top-rated, renowned eateries/bakeries/food distribution centers.)

That is where our beloved beauty queens began their TAR adventures together and this first photo is the hill teams ran down. I give more respect to the TAR10 teams now since when I tried, I almost rolled down like a boulder and I didn't want to humiliate myself in front of a marathon. :funny: (I think the hill grew higher. ???) The second photo is where teams got their backpacks to run to their cars which some... >_> (looking at you Dustin & Kandice) could not start.

It wasn't until I had to say good-bye to my lovely uncle and Tacoma I traveled to the airport where all our teams who raced around Seattle landed safely. Usually airports are underlooked as TAR visits each of them so I had to take a picture of SEA-TAC Int'l Airport. ;)

(And if you were wondering, no, I did not see Ronald & Christina or Azaria around Tacoma. :'( That would have been REALLY awesome though.)

I've only been to places TAR hasn't been to yet :( Including Bulgaria, the Canary Islands and Wales. I was in Majorca though :)

Don't be disappointed Stekay! Because when TAR finally visit these places... the feeling is AWESOMELY surreal and you just want to kiss your TV screen at that very moment when you see those places you know and have visited before are being used by the race! :funny:


--- Quote from: Jobby on September 08, 2013, 10:41:02 AM ---Don't be disappointed Stekay! Because when TAR finally visit these places... the feeling is AWESOMELY surreal and you just want to kiss your TV screen at that very moment when you see those places you know and have visited before are being used by the race! :funny:

--- End quote ---

Haha thanks Jobby :D Bulgaria might be a difficult one. They built a supermarket in the 2 weeks I was there though (seriously).

The Canary Islands are on my TAR wishlist though :)


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