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Hey guys,

Since TAR15 is just starting, I thought it would be fun if we did something like this:

Take a picture of the previous route markers when you travel there.

It would be fun if we made a photo album by us RFFers.

When we try to trace down the racers, it's sometimes easy to forget part of the real reason why we are doing all this.

Anybody would like to do this? I would thank all of you guys if you participated in this! Sign up here:



Route Marker:

Shown Season:

Picture taken time:

And if would like it, we could add our own messages....ect.

After we have all our pictures, it will turn into a contest by public vote.

May the best/creative/accurate photo album win!

Note: Alliances could be made between users in different parts of the world to make a more complete photo album

I'll start it off:

User: :jerry:

Destination: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Route Marker(s): Huialoha Church, McGregor Point, Kaohu Farms-Surfboard.

Shown Season: Season 2 Season 14

Picture taken time: Mid November 2009
Deadline could be sometime in 2010!

heh...Neobie has this won!


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on October 17, 2009, 10:52:31 PM ---heh...Neobie has this won!

--- End quote ---
Yup  :lol:, hands down! I've seen the evidence :spy:

ZBC Company:
User: :spoler345:

Destination:Dallas texas

Route Marker(s): the stockyard maze

Shown Season: Season 25

Picture taken time:july

I've been to some of the Race locations in Australia, namely:

    * Sydney Opera House
    * Museum of Contemporary Art
    * Sydney Harbour Bridge
    * Harry's Cafe de Wheels
    * Sunshine Coast
    * UnderWater World


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