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finally we have a map but we need infos on the countries they visit, neobie! :hearts:

Phnom Penh orientation, from the wiki:
--- Quote ---All of Phnom Penh's streets are numbered, although some major thoroughfares have names as well. The scheme is simple: odd-numbered streets run north-south, the numbers increasing as you head west from the river, and even numbers run west-east, increasing as you head south (with some exceptions, e.g. the west side of the Boeung Kak lake). House numbers, however, are quite haphazard. Don't expect houses to be numbered sequentially in a street; you might even find two completely unrelated houses with the same number in the same street.
--- End quote ---
Many of the numbered streets have names as well; here's an index (click to zoom; the site also has a good PP interactive map). Another map with specialized pages for the tourist areas is here.

A nice (French interface) PP map here: there's an English version, but it's not as interactive for some reason (click "Plan en Flash" for the zoom-and-scroll type map).

Hi, can you tell me what font type you are using in the map? I love the amazing race font.


* A tourist map giving a general overview
* An official map, very detailed and interactive, but uses Java and probably best for broadband
* Ski Dubai
* Autodrome/MotorCity (pdf file)No map at the official Burj Dubai site: they probably figure you won't have any trouble finding it.  :lol:


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