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Episodes 1501/1502 play by play *please read the rules!*

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Although this is the spoiler board and we love spoilers we do ask those that view the 2 hour premiere episode before those of us on East Coast time/Football Delay refrain and do NOT jump ahead of us. If you can't refrain from jumping ahead go post in some other forum, try sucks, they'll love ya there  ;) .
You know who you are,  I'm talking about the Canadian TV  :neener: and Philippine satellite viewers or whoever else. If anyone breaks the rule and jumps in and posts an update before it is aired ET they will be banned. Think before you post :angel: , thanks!

As always the updates may contain future spoilers so enter at your own risk  :tup:


 :knuckles: :whips

She isn't kidding.


TARAsia Fan:
No she's not. Those banned last year have first hand experience.

By the way, unless I can find someone streaming this online, I won't be able to watch with you. :(

Will we see more electrocutions this year?  :taze

We should take bets on how many volts Puddin will use this season.

I say 100 volts. Enough to wake up the Hungarian Olympic Polo Team.  :swim


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