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10/11  Amazing Race 15 - Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 7/24 -25?

girlclumsy: Have been drinking in the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh. And the host of "The Amazing Race"was there as well!10:07 AM Jul 24th  
girlclumsy: I would've asked for his autograph but I don't know his name - my theory is "The Amazing Race" will be in Angkor Wat this season!10:08 AM Jul 24th

girlclumsy: Amazing Race fans - today they were spotting running about the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. I think we're going to catch them at Angkor. 6:47 AM Jul 25th

was at the park where they also have temple in phnom penh, cambodia yesterday and saw amazing race: asia being filmed
* managed to get photos of three teams from amazing race: asia. was only few steps away from ém!10:40 PM Jul 25th

jeni_mama shares her story and photos here!

This was taken on July 25, around 3pm to 3:30pm.

So, after running the errands on that day, we decided to go to wat phnom. As we parked and we were about to enter the front entrance, but we were told to go to next entrance to the park because they were filming something. That was when I first took picture of that cameramen waiting for teams to arrive. At first, I thought that maybe they were filming one of Cambodian movies because the Cambodian cops said they didn't know what it was for but all they knew was that they had to block it off from public, and there were limited areas where we could go.Then my mom told me that she thinks that it is for Amazing Race (she follows Amazing Race as well). So we went to the next entrance which was not even a minute walk away from the front entrance, to find the monkeys. But it was odd, because we couldn't find a single monkey there, and my relatives said they were surprised because they always see monkeys there every day (they live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and I'm Cambodian-American myself as well), so we suspected that the city probably moved those monkeys for the filming. All of the sudden, someone tapped on my shoulder and told me to look at two Caucasian men wearing red, with black backpacks and that was when I realized that they were filming Amazing Race show. The cameramen that rode with them in Cambodia's "taxi" stayed to pay the taxi driver while the team ran off, since the other cameramen were already there waiting to film them. After paying taxi driver, those cameramen went to catch up with their team. I ran to take pictures of them but they were already on the stairs to the temple. So I waited nearby where I was allowed (I couldn't get any closer because they don't want people to interfere with the competition, which is understandable). I think maybe about 10-15 minutes later, I saw another taxi passed the front entrance, and they stopped at the same entrance where I entered, and I think they realized that they stopped at the wrong entrance, because they did not enter that entrance, and instead, they ran to the front entrance and entered there. I had to zoom in and take pictures of the 2nd team I saw when they stopped at wrong entrance. They were black men wearing blue jerseys with "Harlem" on the back. As soon as they entered the front entrance, they put on some type of masks (I think it was African masks but I'm not too sure), and started running. Their cameramen later caught up with them. I waited a little longer while for another team. I saw the 3rd team stopped at front entrance. One was Caucasian man, and one black woman. Both were wearing yellow. I took a quite several photos of them, and their cameramen as well. I stayed and waited for another team to arrive but then I couldn't stay any longer because I already had the day planned out. That was my The Amazing Race encounter.



Saturday, July 25, 2009
i'm sorry to tell you but you're the last team to arrive
I love the show! Despite the reality tv tag, it beats a hell of a lot of tv programming on the air right now. I've always wanted to be a part of the show. And today, I possibly could be! No, I did not get on as a contestant. That would be great if I did but alas, not the case. What happened was, I potentially can be seen in the background. LOL. I know, nothing much to shout about but it is my fave reality competition.

They were filming in the market I was shopping at and one pair's camera guy actually stopped and took a 5 second shot of me, winked and ran off after the couple he was attached to. I was filmed by a crew of "The Amazing Race"!! Also, I passed by multiple pairs and their camera and sound guy so hopefully I will appear in one or another shot. Yea. My claim to fame will be a background, blink-and-you'll-miss-it part in "The Amazing Race"!

All in all, I bumped into 5 pairs. The first was a male-male partnership, second was a couple who looked really miserable, third was another couple wearing matching dark blue tees and the guy was wearing a bandanna - rambo-style (this is when I got filmed), fourth was another male-male pair I think - one of em had a combo of neon green with some pink hair and lastly was a girl-girl pair - an asian chick with a white girl. The only definite film capture that I know of is when I bumped into the third pair. And that's even if he wasn't just pointing the cam in my face and pretending to take a shot

If it was my 5 seconds of fame shot then of course, it's all dependant on the editing guys so crossing my fingers that I don't end up on the cutting room floor. I hope to see myself on "The Amazing Race". I wish I could meet Phil though. Have a run towards the mat and do the whole jump and get checked in routine. That would be super great if that happened! I'm so dorky but what else can I say.



**It was on a Saturday, July 25. You guessed right, I was at the Russian Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was in the afternoon at about 2:30 p.m. I didn't manage to get any photos because it was a complete and total suprise and I wasn't carrying my camera or my phone with me. If you do send me the pictures, I can possibly identify the pairings I saw. I am interested to know more about the "miserable"-looking couple I saw. To be fair, the market is hot, confusing and full of people and I can understand if they felt overwhelmed by everything. A number of pairs went around and around the market quite a few times. The first one out of the market was the first male-male pair I saw.

*** Also, about the Independance Monument being the next point after Russian Market, there's no way any team in their right mind would walk all the way there from Russian Market. It's too far, you'd waste a lot of time. And I saw some team, I can't recall which, take the tuk-tuk (motorcycles attached with a carriage-like cab) after coming out of the market.

*** reply after viewing the team photos:

Hi again!
Ok, had a look at the teams and well, they are pretty cleaned up in the pictures () but the one's I can definitely identify are:
Cannan Smith and Mika Combs (Rambo guy)
Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle
Gary and Matt Tomljenovich
Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney (miserable couple)
The ones I'm iffy about are the male-male pair. I'm pretty sure one of the guys wasn't that tall. I'm 5'4" and he didn't look that much taller than me when he passed by. Either that or I actually saw a girl and thought it was a guy for some reason.
I'm not sure if they were there for a detour or a road block as the market is big and the teams I saw did have to go round and round a number of times. It might have been they had to find a stall and get their next clue from there. It could be the shop was selling either motorcycle parts or household items or from the wet market as I had canvassed (albeit not diligently) the other half of the market and found no red and yellow flag in the handicraft, fabric and clothing section. This is also because I saw most of the pairs going through the half of the market I was in looking dejected and irritated and then gravitate towards the spare parts, household items and wet market area. There are a few goldsmiths on that side as well. There's also a well hidden, I wanna say apothecary type place, but I don't particularly know what goes on behind those doors so can't say for sure if that could be a possible TAR thing. I can say with some degree of certainty that it wasn't an eating challenge because at the point I saw the father-son pair and poker girls, I was sitting in the food arcade area (and I use the term loosely) and was having drinks when they went through. Didn't seem to see any flags there either.
The first team I saw was the male-male pair (which I'm suspect now since I can''t recall them from any of the pics) and they were also the first team to leave. The second team I saw leave was the blue t-shirt team and the last pair in the market as I left was the asian girl-caucasian girl pair. I can't tell if the other pairs I had seen had left at that point but the girls were the straggling TAR team. They were at most one hour behind the first pair. But I'm guessing from the pics on the forum the poker girls managed to get on to the next leg.  

So, I will continue to stand in awe of Him and follow Him where He leads.  

Lastly, we went to Wat Phnom which, to be honest the meaning got lost in the excitement of seeing one of the last legs of the Amazing Race!!  A section was blocked off and our Cambodian friend who was showing us around the city asked what was going on.  Through some investigation we found out that the contestants from the Amazing Race were to meet the host at the top of the mountain of Wat Phnom.  We went up and got a look at the host and the first team that arrived.  On our way out we saw the next 2 teams arrive and were able to get some pictures and video.  Of all the days and places, eh?  It was crazy and random!  

We spent much the of the afternoon walking around the city. We visited the King's Royal Palace which was spectacular. While waiting in line to enter, a bunch of Americans and video cameras ran through the crowd towards the palace. While everyone was baffled, I had to explain that they were filming an episode of the American tv program the Amazing Race. While Susan and I were getting tickets, one of the teams cut us to request their money back (they were apparently at the wrong place).

SEAN PENN??!!  ??? :duno: ???

Phnom Penh = Sean Penn, I get it peach. Zev? haha


Heee...take my post box too if you need it. I would never have gotten that one, I am such an idjit! :funny:  Somebody has a wicked sense of humor, can't wait to see who!! My early guess is Sam or Dan though.

:lol:s at the topic. Is there anything for this leg I can help with yet? :funny:


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