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One thing we know about Sue, she's never going to stop or be a quitter.  :lol3:

Thanks for the promo!

Just watched the latest episode. It was touching. :'(

I recorded it but need to watch.  I'll do that today. 

I'm had crying 3 times on during this episode. </3

I mentioned this in the TAR news thread in TAR General Discussions, but Ryan Murphy has told Access Hollywood that, Glee is casting two of its characters, Sue Sylvester and Holly Holliday (played by Jane Lynch and Gwyneth Paltrow) as a team that tries out on a fictional season of TAR. (Supposedly they'll be seen on Glee's 100th episode; but it could be used to deal with Sue's character for the balance of the show's current season as the story focus shifts from Lima to New YorK for the balance of the season.)

Original Ryan Murphy interview on Access Hollywood:


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