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Questions for Ep. 1 are up.  Who's playing his season???  We need 10 in a big way!!!  Anybody not registered but interested???

GAMERS: This is a big weekly Survivor game that requires a time committment every THURSDAY. Clues are usually posted between 4AM EST and 9AM. We play as a group, discuss the clues "elsewhere", and have been a first or second place team for the last couple of years. You are playing against other Survivor Fans from around the Internet.

If you want to play with us, AND can commit to entering your picks every Thursday before the show airs (or letting one of us enter them for you), please let me know ASAP!! Today!!

You can check out the site and register here:

**To join Tribe Refaforu, register at

From the list of tribes, choose Tribe Refaforu. 

You will need to obtain the password from either s1 or me, and at that time we will give you further info about clue discussion, etc.

This is a challenging one, but loads of fun, so if you are a Survivor addict, come help RFF stay a TEAM to beat!!

 :jumpy: :jumpy: :jumpy:

Ep. 2 Questions are up.  Ep. 1 has not been scored yet but is supposed to be this weekend . . . we'll see  :groan:

Week 1 and 2 scores are up congrats we are no.1 !!! :werock:

Big thanks to all who played this season, espcially s1 for her leadership skills. Congrats we are 1st again! :cmas20


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