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Ok now that BB11 is officially over and congratulations to Jordan Lloyd on winning BB11 by a vote of 5-2 and to Jeff Schroeder for winning the America's Favorite Houseguest by a landslide....

This thread is solely purposed for the following....

Post finale interviews as in articles or videos....

Post finale party pictures or videos

Post finale updates on the BB11 houseguests

No bashing allowed, comments on pics or videos will be accepted

Feel free to discuss post season updates as well

Keep it clean is all we ask....

See ya all next July 2010 for BIG BROTHER 12

please credit who originally post pics or videos with thanks in advance!

Thanks Will for doing this again!!

But all of you beware:

Any HOTLINKED photos or photos from COPYRIGHTED sources are going to be deleted, period.

See the BB rules for a description of hotlinking. :tup:

And if you are friends with some of the HG's on Facebook, please confirm with them that it is okay to use their private photos here before you post. People are usually sharing with their friends and "friends of friends"  but I would prefer that they at least know they are being used here. And a BIG thank you to anyone who says yes! :hearts:

Yeah I know, but I'm funny that way.  :-[

Article from People....


 :lol:  Will I was just coming here to post that link.

Awww that article leaves me all happy.

Here's an article from MSNBC.

Thanks for providing the links!!

If you want to pull out a few paragraphs from each article to share, you can of course.


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