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 :bigwelcome    Hey All Gamers! 

You are invited to join Lance's Survivor Pick'Em game for
our Private Tribe: RFF

Join the tribe at:
Click the "Sign me up" link.
Choose to Join a Private Tribe. 
Enter the following info:

    Tribe Number: 2187
    Password: berrys

If you already have an existing account at Lancer's,
log in at
New users go directly to the following link
to set up a new account:

  :jumpy:  HAPPY GAMING! :tup:
  From Rudy

Hello... Never have played this game.  Any info would be appreciated.  Always love a challenge. :mechbull:

Hey Bee1223, have you gone to the site yet?  

It has several games, but the main one which RFF players use the most is a wager method.  Each person has 100 pts to wage for each episode.  You can wage it all on ONE survivor who you think will get voted off, or you can distribute the 100 pts on two or more players.  Also there are several questions, basically the same each week, worth 5pts each:
Who wins IC?  RC?  Goes to Exile Island?  

You can join the cheaters or the non-cheaters, who compete separately.  So if you join the cheater group, which most do, you compete only with them.  Same goes for the non-cheater group.

I'll post Lancer's Help in this forum as I can't remember it all right now!

Hope you'll check it out, Bee!
If you've never registered at Lance's:
Go directly to the following link
to set up a new account:

Join the tribe at

-Click the "Sign me up" link.
-Choose to Join a Private Tribe.  
-Enter the following info:

    Tribe Number: 2187
    Password: berrys

Any questions or probs, let me know!  :tup:



(or hit the Help link at lower right LEFT side of Lance's Home Page)

Look for the Pick'em Game.
(Other games are described, but Pick'em is what we play.)

Cheaters=people who read spoilers.  :yess:


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