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"If you are a vessel of the Lord, you would think she would be a little bit nicer" ~Christy

I thought this was so funny. It is almost better than the Helen quote about the guns! Anyway I thought this was a good show all around, and the guys lose another challenge! So funny. Tonite was the comedy show! Anyway, good show.

I thought that was funny too.  I only watched bits and pieces.  I have to watch the tape all the way through.

The ladies are so ununified!  Come on 4 people received votes  ???.  Wonder if things are going to change?  

Will comment more once I watch the tape.

Yea, Mike and I both laughed at that comment.  She's absolutely right.    

I laughed at it too... and I thought Vee was bad about the religious stuff, this gal has her topped by far.  I wouldn't be suprised to see her take the walk of shame before jury time if she doesn't calm it down.  

I think that Joanna was being way to nasty Christy about her comments about the idol. I agree with Christy that a Christian shouldn't act that way. Joanna needs to lighten up she's not the nice lady signing gospel songs on the first show anymore. I'd be concerned that Joanna wouldn't have her heart in it to go after the idol if she thinks it's against her beliefs. Why come on the show if you don't see it anymore than a game? They all got a bit too catty and childish. The reason they don't have shelter yet is they haven't been able to pull themselves together as a team. Yes, Christy is being emotional but she has her handicap against her at night and I do agree with her that the other ladies haven't been that supportive to her handicap during the night. It all comes down to the fact that the cattiness is emerging already. Lack of good sleep and food and watch out the fur will fly.


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